Friday, August 22, 2008

At least she's honest.

More back blogging:

August 22nd.

The kids and I made a long car trip, just the three of us. Strip and I headed to meet the Husband to look at houses while Nugget spent some quality time with the Grandparents. It's the weekend, and we were all back together, and my brother, UP, and his girlfriend came down to visit my dad and see the kids.

After a long day/week/month we are having dinner. Now, I'll admit, I was never a good eater. I could stare at a plate of broccoli for a good three hours. I have fond memories of my mother washing dishes after everyone had gone to bed while I sat at the table having a stand off with my veggies. So, meal times and hunger strikes have a special place in my heart.

Dinner was about to be over, and dessert would soon make an entrance. Trying to avoid a blowout with a three-year-old and show what an awesome mom I am, I started the conversation:

Me: Strip, you need to eat your dinner.

Strip: But I'm not hungry.

Me: Ok, but we are all about to have cake and ice cream because we've finished our dinner and you aren't going to get any.

Strip: But, I'm hungry for cake and ice cream.

Me: Ok, you need to have three bites of chicken and five green beans. Then you can have dessert.

Strip: How about no chicken, no green beans and then cake and ice cream.

Me: staying firm and putting my foot down Strip. This is not a negotiation.

Strip: I know. It's a good idea.

The table erupts into laughter and UP reminds me what great birth control visits with us are.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Houdini Baby

I'm back-blogging because there have been way too many moments I haven't written down, but needed to.

About 3 months ago, I'm working in the office when my sweet little nugget appears in the doorway. He grunts, and I look at him, and he points down at his diaper. He's wearing this:

so I'm thinking, oh my! He's so smart! He's telling me he has a wet diaper and needs a new one! WOW!

Me: Come here, buddy. He walks over to me

Me: Do you have a wet diaper? feels diaper No.... you don't have a.... where's your diaper?!?!

Nugget laughs, screams and runs off. I hop up only to find the diaper, tabs still attached lying on the living room floor and Nugget's outfit fully intact.