Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another blast from the past

I can't really blog right now. I just got back from the allergist and am about to get fitted for the bubble I will be living in. I'm going to go snack on some ice. But to tide you over, here's another oldie but goodie.

Since the last post was sweet and sappy, my baby's growing up, I wanted to mix it up a little. This one is more, I'm really pregnant and angry at the world. This was an email I sent to brother's girlfriend the week Nugget was born. She saved it and likes to read it and giggle every once in a while, and she sent it back to me this morning. Enjoy:


So, I loved your last blog entry. I can’t believe she is going to be 4 in a few days. Man!

As I thought about that time in your life, I also recalled a somewhat funny email you sent shortly before Nugget was born. I saved it as it makes me laugh really hard! So, thank you. I’ve copied it below for you to read.


I went in for my normal appointment and NST this morning. I called mom on the way to tell her that I wouldn't be surprised if my blood pressure was off the charts and my NST looked like Nugget and I were both in distress because I had coffee and then got in to a fight with the cashier at Office Depot.

I had to run a few errands this morning, so stopped in for a little java jolt before power walking the strip mall looking for birth announcement envelopes. Found the right size in O.D. (yay) and when I set down my empty coffee cup to pull out my wallet, the cashier looked at me and said, "Now you know that (points to coffee) isn't good for that (points to belly)." I don't know why, but UGH! that ticked me off. I smiled and said, "well with 17 days left in my pregnancy, and it being a Monday morning, I think he can handle a little caffeine."

What I wanted to say was I am so sorry that you spent all of that time and money going to medical school, only to end up working as a cashier in office depot. OR, better yet, Yeah, I know, but I had SO much to drink yesterday at all of our Easter celebrations that I have the BIGGEST hangover today, and coffee is the only thing that snaps me out of it! But I didn't -- I was nice.

She was also pleased to hear that we were having a boy and already had a girl because now we were done. So glad Lonee at office depot has the final say over my uterus. Again, not sure why those comments rubbed me the wrong way, but they did. Moral of the story, if you see a pregnant woman, sure ask when she's due and reply with, "Wow you look great!" That's all.

SO, went to the apt, and sure enough, my bp was elevated. Told the nurse about my office depot throw down. Got on the NST, and things looked good, still contracting, good heart response, but doc came in early, and casually said he wanted to take my bp. He took it twice and shook his head, but wouldn't tell me the number. He just said to take a deep breath and think happy thoughts while he did it one more time. When he finished, I asked how it was, and he said even higher. I said to just stop taking it!! He started asking some interesting questions about how much help i had at home, etc. I mentioned that my parents were coming down tomorrow, and his response was, "Wow, they couldn't have planned that trip better." He then told me he wants me to do one more 24 hour urine and a LOT more blood work today followed by and ultrasound Wednesday. Then I'm to come back in Thursday because "I just don't want to wait until Monday." I asked if there was anything to be worried about, and he said no, paused and followed up with, "But when you come to see me Thursday, have your bag with you.. just in case."

We'll see! I could have another little early bird. This was the week in my pregnancy that I had Strip, so I think he should be fine. So stay tuned! Nugget could be here the end of this week!

Oh! He's been breech the entire pregnancy, but I think I got him to flip this weekend. Doc said if he had to guess, he would say that he had turned. We'll see on Wednesday!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sniff sniff. My baby's turning 4.

I can't believe that 4 years ago, I was 55 lbs heavier (yes, I gained a ton of weight, and no, she wasn't a freakishly large baby) and about to have my little Strip!  As I was cleaning out an old email folder, I came across a note I sent to a friend of mine's mother about how life was with my sweet baby.  It was fun to travel back in time and be in that person's shoes again.  For your reading pleasure, to celebrate my 4 year-old (and because I've got to play Candy Land and shouldn't be on the computer right now!) I'm copying and pasting my note and adding a pic of what my little Strip looked like when it was written.  Time sure does fly!
I loved your email! I 
had a good, big Mom moment today.

I got up and got [Strip], played and talked to dad as he got ready for work--I'm sure this part of his day is stressful, he has to iron his shirt while watching ESPN!-- I spent the next twenty min. singing songs about bananas, oatmeal and peaches (our breakfast blend of the morning), only to have most of the jar fed to the dog or wiped on my shirt or the table.  After hosing all of us down, the morning bottle was ready. I peacefully fed my beautiful daughter while sipping my morning cup of joe. The moment was to picturesque, so [Strip] took the bottle out of her mouth, turned to my clean shirt, and let out a very manly burp to be followed by about two oz. of milk. Lovely. 
She went down for her morning nap as I let June out so I could rake all of the leaves in the yard. 45 min of sweating led me to the kitchen for a tall glass of water and a broken oven I had to take care of. Between loads of laundry, I then stared at the fridge thinking of how it needed to be cleaned out, but [Strip] called, and it was time to put on my happy face. 
Have I brushed my teeth today? Do I have a bra on? I'm not sure.
As we play and discover how to pull up, all I can think of is folding the laundry that is now getting cold in the drier and how I am about to wet my pants. But, we are having too much fun, so we hit the dry/fluff cycle on the drier AGAIN and have lunch. I catch a glimpse of the clock as [Strip] begins to rub her eyes and cannot believe that it is already 2 and time for an afternoon nap. I put her down after a story and song and catch a peek at the yard on my way to the bathroom. I have to laugh because the leaves look just as bad as they did this morning, only there is a big pile at the bottom of the driveway now! I begin to think of all the things I do during the day that no one is going to come right out and thank me for or tell me great job. And as I think of how I have the hardest, most unappreciated job in the world, [Strip] coos and squeals. She is ready to play again and I marvel at how an hour and a half can fly. I peak in her room and she catches me out of the corner of her eye, looks straight at me and smiles the biggest smile ever imaginable on a 6 month old. As we sing our diaper changing song, I listen to her quack and BAAAA and have to laugh. I throw her up in the air to get a good laugh and squeal. We now head to the big mirror to say hello to the baby in the mirror and ask how her nap was. 
I cannot believe the PERSON in front of me who just a few months earlier was just a little ball, and a few weeks earlier than that was just a bump. I immediately think of my mother and wonder how many of these days she had, how she was probably about to pull her hair out only to fall on the floor laughing at us. I can't believe how this half a year has passed and know that before I blink, my little [Strip] will be out of the house and on her own.

So for now, I ignore my screaming bladder, the messy yard, the cold wrinkled laundry and the dog hair on the couch. For now, I am enjoying now, and feel secure that all the women before me have done the same. And while I know I don't get a blue ribbon and a ticker tape parade after everything I do, at the end of the day, I might as well have, because being a mother tops any award, promotion or recognition anyone could ever get in any other position.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Go ahead and send the sweatshirt, Mensa

I've always thought Strip was pretty smart.  She hit all of her developmental milestones early, was talking and waking before all of the other kids in her Gymboree class, knew her colors before she was 2 and wouldn't allow you to skip a single page in a book (the little sponge memorized them).

Tonight, we're getting ready for Family Movie Night and I asked Strip to grab two bags of popcorn (they are minis, we're not pigs).  She came out of the pantry and said:

               Strip:  Mom.  Guess how many bags of popcorn are left?

               Me:  700?
                Strip:  No, silly, there are 10.  We have 10 little bags of popcorn left after these 2.

       Me:  Ok!

              Strip:  That means we can only have Family Movie night..... FIVE more times.

Me:  Whoa.  

        Strip:  What?

       Me:  You are totally right!

Strip.  Yeah.  I know.

 So watch out Aunt B!  You may have been on Jeopardy, but in a few years, Strip might give you a run for your money!

Melt my heart!

The other night, we were cleaning the basement (which is kind of like doing laundry-- even when you finish, you're still not really done!), and I went upstairs to grab some toys.  When I came back, Nugget was sitting in his mini-lazyboy and a movie was coming on.  I asked Strip if Nugget had turned on the dvd player and she said,"No.  I put in Cars for him," (his favorite movie that she currently hates because he watches it all. the. time.).

Awe!  That was sweet!

So Strip and I are corralling all of the fruits, veggies, plates and bowls that had wandered out of the play kitchen when the previews ended and the movie started.  

"Oh!  Don't worry, Buddy!  I'll be there to laugh with you in a minute, ok?!"

"Mmm Kay!"

Ugh!  Melt my heart, such sweet babies!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Live and Learn I guess

Strip's birthday is coming up, and we are having her party at the house.  She is SO excited.  It's a girly party, so we've invited all of the little girls in her class and Monday, we went out to get all of the decorations (she got to stay out and up past 9!  What a rebel!).

She put the stamps on the envelopes and put them in the mail box the first of the week, so I figured I'd start getting the rsvp's this week.  We got the first one today.

The mother-of-the-year that I am didn't bother to look at the roster to see when the other kids' birthdays are, and there's another little girl who's party is the same day-same time.  UGH.  Looks like we are going to have a low key family party and I'll try to plan better next year.  She's 4.  She could really care less who is here, and we are taking her to Chuck E. Crazy for her special birthday dinner, so I doubt she'll throw this in the category of "worst birthdays ever," but I hate that she's been excited about having all her little girlfriends over and now it might just be us!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

That's more like it.

I wouldn't describe Hubs or myself as either tall or skinny.  But, for some reason, both kids have been tall for their age, and Strip is just a little bean pole.  One weigh in for Nugget put him in the 90th percentile head circumference, 75th percentile for length and 50th percentile for weight.  Basically meaning he was shaped like a Pez dispenser.  

Yesterday was his big boy well child check up.  The doctor looked at his chart and said, "Well, you are a big boy!"  I asked for his stats and it was 48th percentile height and 80th percentile weight!  Whoa!  I think he weighs as much as Strip.  Short and dumpy.  That sounds more like us :-)  The doctor and I looked at each other and just laughed.  I asked if I needed to be concerned but he said Nugget looks great.  And in his defense, it was cold, so he had on corduroy pants, a shirt and a sweater, and they only had him take off his shoes, so I'm thinking it's a little less.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Forget wine, I need tequila

Can it get worse?  Of COURSE it can!!  Silly me.

Nugget took a fantastic nap.  So good that I had to wake him up to go pick up Strip.  We grab some lunch, gather our library books and head to the doctor's office.  Strip had her Tag reader and new book and was ready to behave.  We walk in and Nugget and I go to the check in desk.  As I fish out my insurance card, he takes off down the hall.  I run off and grab him and am now holding a screaming Nugget while looking for my OTHER insurance card because they have the wrong number written down.  Great.

Luckily, we didn't have to wait long, and the doctors apt went well, but as I was checking out, I notice there is an $80 + fee on my account.  Awesome.  And don't forget the $20 copay.  Luckily, they didn't make me pay the other fee because it looks like a filing error, so I get to start my annual fight with Insurance company.  Yay. 

Next stop was the library where Strip starts screaming hysterically that she didn't get to read the Olivia book.  Yes you did.  Well, I didn't get to read it at night, with daddy, in my new princess nightgown.  You got me there.  After reminding her that we wouldn't be able to check out books from the library if we didn't return them like a big girl, we head home to call hubs and tell him what's on the menu for dinner tonight.  And what is it?  Fish.  Bleh.  Hubs offers to grab a loaf of bread on the way home, and the kids are super excited that we are having panini grilled cheese and soup.  At least they are easy to please.

Oh!  But before Hubs leaves to get bread, we realize that we have the Peter Pan dvd but no case.  And it was a library dvd.  I put in a call to Ma, and yes, it's there in the playroom.  11 hours away.  Luckily Hubs has a degree in, "That's ok sweetie just bring it back when you can" so the library ladies held the dvd and he just has to bring it in whenever it gets here.  When he turns it in, all fines are erased.

Is it bedtime yet???

Can you drink wine before noon?!

Today was going to be a great day.  It was parents visiting day at Strip's school.  Nugget ALWAYS wants to go in with her, so he was pumped that he got to stay for circle time and juice.  Hubs couldn't join us because he was getting back into the swing of thing after taking time off of work, so it was me and the kiddos.  

I knew it was going to be a rough morning when I couldn't find any pants for Nugget.

After finding a pair, and throwing together a lunch for Strip with what little food we had in the house, we were off.  Things started out well.  Strip gave us a tour of the room, showed us the reading corner, Henry the plant that they water and the special weather clock.  Then Nugget noticed the giant tub of cars and started to get antsy.  I can't stand it when parents let their kids totally destroy someone else's classroom, so I distracted him with some pictures of the kids that were displayed on the bulletin board.  

The bell ringer rang the bells letting us know that it was time to come to the circle, so Strip found her spot while Nugget and I sat at a nearby table.   Everything was good for about 2 minutes.  That's when Nugget remembered his cup of juice and bite of bagel that were on the other side of the room.  We snuck to the back for his snack and he wanted to take his socks and shoes off (it was toasty in there, but no, he needed to keep his footwear on).  Then he just went nuts.  One of the teachers came over and said it was totally fine if he wanted to play with the Legos, so I took him to the table for a little "quiet play" hoping to be able to watch Strip do her thing.  That's when Nugget dumped the bucket-o-Duplo on the floor and proceeded to dance on the blocks.  So much for quiet play.  He spent the next 5-7 minutes running laps around the little rug.  Thank goodness the room was set up so he wasn't a big distraction to anyone but me.   Before I knew it, circle time was over and it was time to go.  Thanks Nugget.

We hugged Strip goodbye and headed to the car.  My head was killing me, and I really just wanted to cry because I felt like I wasn't even "there."  I figured it was time to cash in that free mocha that had been burning a hole in my inbox since Ash Wednesday and headed over to Borders.  We had 15 minutes until the store opened which was great because I needed to dig out the coupon code on my phone.  14 Nugget screaming minutes later, I finally find the stupid thing, only to notice the fine print that said, "Free mocha with purchase of another medium coffee."  CRAP.

We are now home, and Nugget is down for a freaky early nap because he has a doctor's appointment later this afternoon.  Can this day GET any better?!?  The only thing keeping me going is knowing that it's Wednesday and I don't have to cook tonight.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Having worked at a church with kids, people often ask me how I explain Easter to small children.  I've always offered simple, basic facts and elaborated on any questions they might have after that.  A week or so ago, Strip came home from school talking about the Easter bunny, so I asked her for some clarification.

        Me:  So what does the Easter Bunny do?
        Strip:  He comes and brings candy to kids.
        Me:  On Easter?
        Strip:  Yes.
        Me:  Well, why do we celebrate Easter?
        Strip:  Because of Jesus.
        Me:  What about him?
        Strip:  He died on the cross and then came back to life...what does that have to do with eggs?
        Me:  What do you think?
        Strip:  thinking for a minute  Hmmmmm.  I think the Easter Bunny was soooo excited that Jesus was alive that he took all of the candy and chocolate he had growing in his house and gave it to all to the kids.

Works for me!

Oh, and I just had my first sip of mocha and the chocolaty goodness was almost too much to handle.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Yeah. I did it.

I've got temptation in my fridge.

I decided I've come too far to blow it the day before Easter, BUT my brother's girlfriend and I went shopping in the same little place as the coffee shop.  I had already done a drive by to see if MAYBE they were open Easter Sunday, but no.  So I did the next best thing.  I ordered my mocha, took it home, pulled out all the ice and tucked it away in the refrigerator until tomorrow.

Now lets hope no one knocks it over or thinks it's trash and throws it out!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Oooh decisions, decisions...

We're back in my home town for the week, and it's so fun being "home!"  I got to hang out with some buddies from the high school days last night, then spent today at Chuck E. Cheese, being reminded of why I can't party like that anymore.  Loud, chaotic kids and a giant mouse are not things you want to be around after indulging in 1/2 pitchers of margaritas that were on special (followed by an impromptu trip to Wal-Mart and Krystals.  I still don't think my tummy has recovered!).

One of my favorite things about home town is we have a TON of yummy, non-chain restaurants.  I think one of the reasons I gained so much weight with Strip is because I frequently came home and indulged in all my favorites.  So I'm trying to be good and space out my cravings.  However, I have a really big (not really) dilemma.  

My FAVORITE coffee shop is here.  I've had a LOT of mochas from a LOT of places, and none of them capture the yumminess of this mocha.  Normally, when I'm in town, I have a least one a day for every day I'm here -- sometimes, two.  But, this year, I've given up chocolate for Lent, and so far, I've made it!  Not even one little cheat.  I swear!  So here I will sit, for nine days, mocha-less.  And yes I can shove my face with chocolate on the 12th, but my favorite coffee shop won't be open on Easter, and I think we're leaving before the crack of dawn the following Monday.  Ohhh what to do?!?  Now, I know that some people "cheat" on Sundays of Lent, which I counted out, and they are totally right, the 4o days do NOT include Sundays, so if I were to cheat, I could totally cheat, but not really tomorrow.  Or, I could wait until the last possible second, and treat myself to some mocha-y goodness the Saturday before Easter, then have no chocolate on Sunday to make up for it. 

Hmmmm.  Are premeditated sins forgiven, too?  Please talk me down off the cliff, or just push me over the edge :-)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Yup. Should have known

Hubs goes to install the dvd player last night (I know, nothing like waiting until the last minute, but that's how I roll), and SHOCKER, it doesn't work.  The movie will click on for about 2 minutes, then nothing.  So I pack everything up and give him the invoice and my debit card (half was on a gift card and half was on the debit).  He took it up there to make the return,  and they put the full amount back on the debit card!   This was great, because the only portable dvd players they had in stock looked even crappier than the one we already had, so he went shopping elsewhere.

Now we are loaded and ready to hit the road.  12 hours.  Plus stops and potty breaks.  With a dog.  It's going to be a long day.  Part of me would like to take one of my sleepy pills they gave me when I went to the er and just sleep the whole way, but then I guess I'll miss all the fun :-)