Friday, April 24, 2009

Melt my heart!

The other night, we were cleaning the basement (which is kind of like doing laundry-- even when you finish, you're still not really done!), and I went upstairs to grab some toys.  When I came back, Nugget was sitting in his mini-lazyboy and a movie was coming on.  I asked Strip if Nugget had turned on the dvd player and she said,"No.  I put in Cars for him," (his favorite movie that she currently hates because he watches it all. the. time.).

Awe!  That was sweet!

So Strip and I are corralling all of the fruits, veggies, plates and bowls that had wandered out of the play kitchen when the previews ended and the movie started.  

"Oh!  Don't worry, Buddy!  I'll be there to laugh with you in a minute, ok?!"

"Mmm Kay!"

Ugh!  Melt my heart, such sweet babies!


Ross and Laura said...

Love it! I want one...well, not yet...but some day ;)

Lianne said...

So sweet! You are training up a good little mommy!