Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Can you drink wine before noon?!

Today was going to be a great day.  It was parents visiting day at Strip's school.  Nugget ALWAYS wants to go in with her, so he was pumped that he got to stay for circle time and juice.  Hubs couldn't join us because he was getting back into the swing of thing after taking time off of work, so it was me and the kiddos.  

I knew it was going to be a rough morning when I couldn't find any pants for Nugget.

After finding a pair, and throwing together a lunch for Strip with what little food we had in the house, we were off.  Things started out well.  Strip gave us a tour of the room, showed us the reading corner, Henry the plant that they water and the special weather clock.  Then Nugget noticed the giant tub of cars and started to get antsy.  I can't stand it when parents let their kids totally destroy someone else's classroom, so I distracted him with some pictures of the kids that were displayed on the bulletin board.  

The bell ringer rang the bells letting us know that it was time to come to the circle, so Strip found her spot while Nugget and I sat at a nearby table.   Everything was good for about 2 minutes.  That's when Nugget remembered his cup of juice and bite of bagel that were on the other side of the room.  We snuck to the back for his snack and he wanted to take his socks and shoes off (it was toasty in there, but no, he needed to keep his footwear on).  Then he just went nuts.  One of the teachers came over and said it was totally fine if he wanted to play with the Legos, so I took him to the table for a little "quiet play" hoping to be able to watch Strip do her thing.  That's when Nugget dumped the bucket-o-Duplo on the floor and proceeded to dance on the blocks.  So much for quiet play.  He spent the next 5-7 minutes running laps around the little rug.  Thank goodness the room was set up so he wasn't a big distraction to anyone but me.   Before I knew it, circle time was over and it was time to go.  Thanks Nugget.

We hugged Strip goodbye and headed to the car.  My head was killing me, and I really just wanted to cry because I felt like I wasn't even "there."  I figured it was time to cash in that free mocha that had been burning a hole in my inbox since Ash Wednesday and headed over to Borders.  We had 15 minutes until the store opened which was great because I needed to dig out the coupon code on my phone.  14 Nugget screaming minutes later, I finally find the stupid thing, only to notice the fine print that said, "Free mocha with purchase of another medium coffee."  CRAP.

We are now home, and Nugget is down for a freaky early nap because he has a doctor's appointment later this afternoon.  Can this day GET any better?!?  The only thing keeping me going is knowing that it's Wednesday and I don't have to cook tonight.

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Lianne said...

Pants, socks, and shoes are optional on Wednesdays, didn't you know?

I say drink the mocha and the coffee. You need both today!