Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Forget wine, I need tequila

Can it get worse?  Of COURSE it can!!  Silly me.

Nugget took a fantastic nap.  So good that I had to wake him up to go pick up Strip.  We grab some lunch, gather our library books and head to the doctor's office.  Strip had her Tag reader and new book and was ready to behave.  We walk in and Nugget and I go to the check in desk.  As I fish out my insurance card, he takes off down the hall.  I run off and grab him and am now holding a screaming Nugget while looking for my OTHER insurance card because they have the wrong number written down.  Great.

Luckily, we didn't have to wait long, and the doctors apt went well, but as I was checking out, I notice there is an $80 + fee on my account.  Awesome.  And don't forget the $20 copay.  Luckily, they didn't make me pay the other fee because it looks like a filing error, so I get to start my annual fight with Insurance company.  Yay. 

Next stop was the library where Strip starts screaming hysterically that she didn't get to read the Olivia book.  Yes you did.  Well, I didn't get to read it at night, with daddy, in my new princess nightgown.  You got me there.  After reminding her that we wouldn't be able to check out books from the library if we didn't return them like a big girl, we head home to call hubs and tell him what's on the menu for dinner tonight.  And what is it?  Fish.  Bleh.  Hubs offers to grab a loaf of bread on the way home, and the kids are super excited that we are having panini grilled cheese and soup.  At least they are easy to please.

Oh!  But before Hubs leaves to get bread, we realize that we have the Peter Pan dvd but no case.  And it was a library dvd.  I put in a call to Ma, and yes, it's there in the playroom.  11 hours away.  Luckily Hubs has a degree in, "That's ok sweetie just bring it back when you can" so the library ladies held the dvd and he just has to bring it in whenever it gets here.  When he turns it in, all fines are erased.

Is it bedtime yet???

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lisa said...

Your library is alot more understanding. We just had to pay $25. for a book my husband spilled coffee on. We now own a warped version of "The Life & Times Of John Adams."