Saturday, April 4, 2009

Oooh decisions, decisions...

We're back in my home town for the week, and it's so fun being "home!"  I got to hang out with some buddies from the high school days last night, then spent today at Chuck E. Cheese, being reminded of why I can't party like that anymore.  Loud, chaotic kids and a giant mouse are not things you want to be around after indulging in 1/2 pitchers of margaritas that were on special (followed by an impromptu trip to Wal-Mart and Krystals.  I still don't think my tummy has recovered!).

One of my favorite things about home town is we have a TON of yummy, non-chain restaurants.  I think one of the reasons I gained so much weight with Strip is because I frequently came home and indulged in all my favorites.  So I'm trying to be good and space out my cravings.  However, I have a really big (not really) dilemma.  

My FAVORITE coffee shop is here.  I've had a LOT of mochas from a LOT of places, and none of them capture the yumminess of this mocha.  Normally, when I'm in town, I have a least one a day for every day I'm here -- sometimes, two.  But, this year, I've given up chocolate for Lent, and so far, I've made it!  Not even one little cheat.  I swear!  So here I will sit, for nine days, mocha-less.  And yes I can shove my face with chocolate on the 12th, but my favorite coffee shop won't be open on Easter, and I think we're leaving before the crack of dawn the following Monday.  Ohhh what to do?!?  Now, I know that some people "cheat" on Sundays of Lent, which I counted out, and they are totally right, the 4o days do NOT include Sundays, so if I were to cheat, I could totally cheat, but not really tomorrow.  Or, I could wait until the last possible second, and treat myself to some mocha-y goodness the Saturday before Easter, then have no chocolate on Sunday to make up for it. 

Hmmmm.  Are premeditated sins forgiven, too?  Please talk me down off the cliff, or just push me over the edge :-)

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Ross and Laura said...

Just jump! You've done great...I say reward yourself ;)