Friday, April 24, 2009

Go ahead and send the sweatshirt, Mensa

I've always thought Strip was pretty smart.  She hit all of her developmental milestones early, was talking and waking before all of the other kids in her Gymboree class, knew her colors before she was 2 and wouldn't allow you to skip a single page in a book (the little sponge memorized them).

Tonight, we're getting ready for Family Movie Night and I asked Strip to grab two bags of popcorn (they are minis, we're not pigs).  She came out of the pantry and said:

               Strip:  Mom.  Guess how many bags of popcorn are left?

               Me:  700?
                Strip:  No, silly, there are 10.  We have 10 little bags of popcorn left after these 2.

       Me:  Ok!

              Strip:  That means we can only have Family Movie night..... FIVE more times.

Me:  Whoa.  

        Strip:  What?

       Me:  You are totally right!

Strip.  Yeah.  I know.

 So watch out Aunt B!  You may have been on Jeopardy, but in a few years, Strip might give you a run for your money!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like she may give Uncle P some competition in the engineering world also! Aunt B