Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another blast from the past

I can't really blog right now. I just got back from the allergist and am about to get fitted for the bubble I will be living in. I'm going to go snack on some ice. But to tide you over, here's another oldie but goodie.

Since the last post was sweet and sappy, my baby's growing up, I wanted to mix it up a little. This one is more, I'm really pregnant and angry at the world. This was an email I sent to brother's girlfriend the week Nugget was born. She saved it and likes to read it and giggle every once in a while, and she sent it back to me this morning. Enjoy:


So, I loved your last blog entry. I can’t believe she is going to be 4 in a few days. Man!

As I thought about that time in your life, I also recalled a somewhat funny email you sent shortly before Nugget was born. I saved it as it makes me laugh really hard! So, thank you. I’ve copied it below for you to read.


I went in for my normal appointment and NST this morning. I called mom on the way to tell her that I wouldn't be surprised if my blood pressure was off the charts and my NST looked like Nugget and I were both in distress because I had coffee and then got in to a fight with the cashier at Office Depot.

I had to run a few errands this morning, so stopped in for a little java jolt before power walking the strip mall looking for birth announcement envelopes. Found the right size in O.D. (yay) and when I set down my empty coffee cup to pull out my wallet, the cashier looked at me and said, "Now you know that (points to coffee) isn't good for that (points to belly)." I don't know why, but UGH! that ticked me off. I smiled and said, "well with 17 days left in my pregnancy, and it being a Monday morning, I think he can handle a little caffeine."

What I wanted to say was I am so sorry that you spent all of that time and money going to medical school, only to end up working as a cashier in office depot. OR, better yet, Yeah, I know, but I had SO much to drink yesterday at all of our Easter celebrations that I have the BIGGEST hangover today, and coffee is the only thing that snaps me out of it! But I didn't -- I was nice.

She was also pleased to hear that we were having a boy and already had a girl because now we were done. So glad Lonee at office depot has the final say over my uterus. Again, not sure why those comments rubbed me the wrong way, but they did. Moral of the story, if you see a pregnant woman, sure ask when she's due and reply with, "Wow you look great!" That's all.

SO, went to the apt, and sure enough, my bp was elevated. Told the nurse about my office depot throw down. Got on the NST, and things looked good, still contracting, good heart response, but doc came in early, and casually said he wanted to take my bp. He took it twice and shook his head, but wouldn't tell me the number. He just said to take a deep breath and think happy thoughts while he did it one more time. When he finished, I asked how it was, and he said even higher. I said to just stop taking it!! He started asking some interesting questions about how much help i had at home, etc. I mentioned that my parents were coming down tomorrow, and his response was, "Wow, they couldn't have planned that trip better." He then told me he wants me to do one more 24 hour urine and a LOT more blood work today followed by and ultrasound Wednesday. Then I'm to come back in Thursday because "I just don't want to wait until Monday." I asked if there was anything to be worried about, and he said no, paused and followed up with, "But when you come to see me Thursday, have your bag with you.. just in case."

We'll see! I could have another little early bird. This was the week in my pregnancy that I had Strip, so I think he should be fine. So stay tuned! Nugget could be here the end of this week!

Oh! He's been breech the entire pregnancy, but I think I got him to flip this weekend. Doc said if he had to guess, he would say that he had turned. We'll see on Wednesday!!

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Lianne said...

Didn't you see the "Free medical advice with purchase of envelopes" sign?

Too bad you weren't at Home Depot. They would've checked your blood pressure, turned the baby around, and given you a foot rub. You can build it, they will help.