Saturday, May 2, 2009

I have doctor ordered anorexia

A couple of months ago, we found out that my egg allergy was back and better than ever. Since them, I've been avoiding eggs and anything with eggs in it. BUT, I've continued to have allergic reactions. Three times were after pizza (at three different pizza places), then another after a peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread and the latest was a grilled cheese on flaxseed wheat bread. Nugget and I headed to the doctor's office for a consult and more tests.

And the results? MORE ALLERGIES! And since everyone loves a good visual, I present my allergy mosaic:

EDITED: apparently I can't do mosaics 

Beautiful, isn't it?

Wheat, and all things containing wheat (thanks for the thighs bread, it was nice while it lasted); soy, which is in everything or every fake food that is trying to be healthy; corn, including corn starch, corn syrup and everyone's favorite, high fructose corn syrup (which, did you know, is in Cam.'s tomato soup?!? Second ingredient, my friends!); beans, all types; peas; watermelon, can you say random; cotton seed, yeah, I'm really going to miss that one; almonds; garlic and flaxseeds, which both came up mild.

WOW. Good news? My skin is going to look fantastic, and I think I will b a good 20 lbs lighter before the big Disney trip. Also good news, here's a sampling of things I am NOT allergic to:

See, still can't do a mosaic.  I'm working on it.

Also good news? I'm married. I could NOT imagine going on a date with me:
Yes, I'll have the chicken sandwich, but instead of breaded, can I have it grilled, no seasoning. No ketchup please and instead of a bun, can I have a lettuce wrap? No fries, please, but a plain baked potato with pepper only, no salt. And water to drink please. Oh and for my salad, I would like balsamic vinaigrette, unless it contains HFCS, then just some extra virgin olive oil and some red wine vinegar...

Ugh. Oh well! Maybe I can fit into my "goal weight jeans" that have been stuck in the back of the closet for the past year!

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