Monday, May 25, 2009

I had it all planned out

Today was going to be a great day.  I was going to sleep in until 9, maybe 9:30, then come downstairs to see hubs cleaning up dishes from breakfast.  Then, I would make a cup of tea using my  new perfect tea maker, and head back upstairs to take a shower.  Next, it was off to Nords to get new make up which would include a full, facial make over leaving me just breathtakingly gorgeous.  I would find the perfect pair of sandals on the way out, and they would be on sale.  Then, at home, I would enjoy a tasty margarita while the kids played in the yard and hubs would grill some yummy filets.


I woke up to Strip in the bed, sideways, at some point in the early morning, then talking at 6:30, Nugget up at 7.  I stumbled downstairs and opened the cabinet get the coffee grinder and Nugget started screaming, "Gungees!  Gungees!" which is Nugget-speak for "Gummies"  aka vitamins.  I plugged in the toaster to cook up some Eggo waffles (mother of the year) and plopped down on the couch to check my email.  I had a good 3/4 of my coffee down when Hubs backed a truck into the background, poked his head in the house and said, "Hey can you help me for a second?"

In the back of the truck were 200 bricks.  200.  Hubs thought it would be fun to put a patio on the back of the house just off the deck.  He borrowed a friend's truck to get the bricks.  He should have borrowed a friend, too.  I threw on a pair of shorts and walked outside.  I took my place in the two-man assembly line reached up for the first brick and felt it.  Plop.  Rain.  Yay.  It rained the entire time we unloaded the truck.  The only joy I found was belting out, "My Life Would Suck" as Hubs begged me to stop.  Then the peanut gallery, Nugget, came outside.  "Mama!"  Yeah, buddy?  "Wain!"  Yup.  Go back inside, please  ::screen door slams behind him.  "SUE!!  I STUCK!!"  Finally we finished unloading.  I'm sure he mumbled something as he got back in the truck, but all I could think was how good a shower was going to feel.

Just as I stepped out of the shower, Hubs walks in and asks what I'm doing.  Take a guess.  "Why?! I've got a whole truck load waiting.  We have this and one more."  Ohhhhh that's what he said.  Woops.  Back outside, Hubs greets me with my very own, polka dot work gloves and says we'll switch places.  I climb up in the truck and start hurling bricks off of the truck.  Twist, bend, grab a  brick, twist, stand up, toss.  I felt like I was on some horrible version of biggest loser, doing one of those ridiculous challenges for a one-pound advantage.  We get that one done and Hubs says (and I hear) he'll be right back with the last load.  I go back in the house just in time to change ANOTHER stinky diaper.  Awesome.  We finally get the last load off, I feed the kids and finish getting ready for the day.  I also noticed that it has finally quit raining.  Great timing.  I put Nugget down for a nap, get Strip settled with her leapster and a movie, and tell Hubs, I'm off.

I get to Nords and hop in the seat at the make-up counter.  I tell the girl what I'm looking for and what, exactly I want to buy.  I tell her I don't like foundation and prefer a pressed or liquid powder.  She opts for a tinted moisturizer.  I tell her I like light eyeshadow, she puts on brown, creamy sparkly shadow.  She asks if I use a brow pencil, I say no, she applies mascara meets lipgloss to my brows.  She asks what I use on my lips, and I say chap stick.  She applies purple sheer gloss.  The only words to describe me would be brown and shiny.  I ended up getting liquid powder (that she didn't use), some concealer (that she did use) and some eyeshadow (that she didn't use).  I did make it home to that cup of tea, did two loads of laundry and walked out to check Hub's progress.  The pup followed me.  We look at all of the nicely leveled sand and are chatting about the next step, when the pup RUNS through.  Paw prints all through what was nicely leveled sand.  Ugh.

I cook dinner for the kids and we cuddle up on the couch watching Bee Movie.  Both kids were so into it!    It was adorable!  Something action packed would happen, and she would cover her eyes saying, "I can't look!  I can't look!" while Nugget was prompted to put his little fingers up to his mouth, point out and say, "Oh no!!  Oh no!!"  We giggled and laughed and ran upstairs.  I got them settled into bed and made my margarita.

Not the relaxing day I had planned, but productive!  Lets just hope it doesn't rain a lot tonight, Hubs can get his honey-do project finished by Thursday!

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