Thursday, May 14, 2009

Riddle me this

I use to buy all of our meat, fresh daily, from the lovely organic grocer down the street.  Two kids, and two moves later, I've learned to stock up on sale and freeze it.  Because if this, I rarely check the label, except for weight.  Then, I take it home, split it up by the pound and freeze it.  The other night, I was in desperate need of a juicy burger, and since I CAN eat the burger part and Hubs just got a new grill, he offered to grill one up for me.  He quickly thawed out a pound of my cheap meat, only to have it crumble and just look soggy.  So, he grabbed a second pound...same thing.

Needless to say, I didn't get my burger that night, but since we were grilling out for Mother's Day, hubs went to Fresh Market to get some good ground beef.  It. was. DElicious.  Later that night, I did my bi-monthly shopping and once again, picked up about 7 lbs of cheap meat.  Because we were having spaghetti Monday night, I didn't freeze it that night.  Monday rolls around, and I rip open the package, but I catch a glimpse of the label before it hits the trash:

Product of Canada, North America and Mexico.

Hmmmm.  That is one heck of a well traveled cow.  Right?  Ew.  The thought of ground beef is a little gross on it's own, but imagining that it is now made up of cows both here, north AND south of the border.  Bleh.  Maybe we'll cut it down to one square of toilet paper per person so we can splurge on meat that comes from the same time zone.

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