Friday, May 22, 2009

Smarter than he looks :-)

Nugget was born early.  Almost 4 weeks early.  When he was born, he just looked like he needed a little more time to cook.  Since then, when comparing kids (and I know, you shouldn't compare your kids, but come on, who really doesn't?!) Nugget has hit every milestone about three months later than Strip did.  So I haven't been really worried that he's not a big talker.  Plus, he's a boy, so I figured he would be more of the silent, grunting type.

Anyway, he's really starting to pick up new words and phrases.  One of my "favorites" I hear all day:  "Mama!?"  yes "Are you der?"  Yes.  "Mama??!!"  Yeeessss  "Are you der?"  yesssssss!  "Ha!  Der yo are!"  Told you.

He is IN LOVE with our neighbor's little girl (we'll call her "Jane").  She is almost exactly his same age, they are the same height and coloring, and they talk and play so well together.  Last night, around 10, he woke up screaming.  I brought him downstairs so he wouldn't wake up his sick sis, and he cuddled for a minute.  Then he sat up and screamed, "I WANT JAAAAANE!"  I told him Jane was sleeping.  "Oh.  Jane night night?"  Yes.  "Oh, ok.  I want milk."  So I asked him if I gave him some milk, would he go back to bed, and he said, "yeah, mon (nugget speak for yes ma'am)."  As I was taking him back upstairs, we walked by the front window where I forgot to pull the shade down.  Nugget looks out and see our neighbors (parents, not kids) sitting outside, enjoying the nice night and he starts screaming, "Jane not night night!!  Jane not night night!"

I took him out (in my pjs) to confirm that Jane was in fact night night.  He said, "Ok!  Night night!" and went to bed.  That kid's got a good eye!

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