Thursday, May 21, 2009

Strip got stripped!

In December, one of Strip's teachers came to school with a super cute, super short hair cut. I loved it, and because I needed someone to cut my hair here, I asked where she had it done. I was shocked when she said Great Clips. She had donated her hair to locks of love, and GC does the cut for free. Later that day, Strip was asking what Locks of Love was, so I explained

Me: They take hair from people who have a lot and make wigs for kids who don't have any hair.
Strip: Why wouldn't kids have hair?

Me: Sometimes, kids get really, really sick, with something called cancer. And the medicine that they use to make the cancer go away is so strong that it can make the kids feel really sick and even make their hair fall out. Can you imagine feeling really sick, AND having all your hair fall out? That wouldn't make you feel better. So the wigs help the kids feel a little better while they GET better.

Strip: I want to do it!

So I told her we needed 8-10 inches to give and that probably by this summer, we could get it cut. She really wanted to do it before we went to Disney world and before school got out (so she could share with her class), so Tuesday was the big day.

I washed and dried and brushed her hair and took a quick little video of her before we left, then we headed to the salon (I begged my stylist to do it. Sorry, but I just don't trust GC, especially not with my baby's first BIG hair cut). He put her hair into perfectly meausred pigtails and snipped them off! She laughed when she saw her pigtails sitting on the counter, and immediately fell in love with her new 'do. 8+ inches will be going to make a wig, and another inch was trimmed up! I was so proud. I kept waiting for her to flip out or miss her hair. Later that day, she said, "I can't wait for my hair to grow back out again..." and I thought, "uh oh!" but she finished it with, "so I can cut it off again!" What a sweatheart!

The next day, she wanted to take her hair to school, so I put it in a bag and told her she had to keep it there because if the ponytials fell out of the rubberband, they wouldn't be able to use it. She said she would keep it in the bag, just like one of her friends' floam. I laughed thinking about the teachers when Floam showed up for show and tell!

The only downside is that she got very sick last night. It's hard to hold her cute 'do out of her face when she's puking, but it is MUCH easier to wash!


Lianne said...

Yea! Good for her! I did the same thing 2 years ago and my hair is now just about long enough to do it again. I just have to figure out what kind of cute 'do I want.

I know you are proud of her big heart!

mommychick said...

I've had mine shoulder length for the past few years (thanks to a REALLY bad hair cut). It's just to that point where I want to cut it off again, but I think I'll grow it out with her and we can donate together next time.
I was so proud of her, and proud that I didn't burst into tears :-)

Courtney said...

You SHOULD be proud. What an amazing, generous thing for her to do!