Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Howdy Neighbor

Guess what!  Still no patio :-)  As Hubs was spreading the sand, I jokingly said, "Step 2 sand?  What happened to step one?"  Hubs' response:  Don't you worry about it.  But apparently he did.  The more he thought about skipping the gravel (aka step one) the more he worried about the sand holding water and freezing in the winter.  When he got home today, he starting undoing everything he already did.  

Because the backyard was kind of off limits to kids and dogs, we headed next door to hang with the neighbors.  After overstaying our welcome :-), we headed home to get dinner ready.  I was making (up) some mexican style chicken and rice.  As I cooked up the chicken in a little oil and spices, some of it splattered on my shirt.  I remembered one of the kids' mom's I work with telling me that Dawn dishwashing liquid is the greatest stain remover out there for greasy stains.  I whipped off my shirt and pre-treated it right there in the kitchen sink.  I couldn't just walk off to get a new shirt, so I figured I'd would finish the chicken topless -- woo hoo!  Get crazy on a Tuesday.  Anyway Nugget was watching Cars, and the "Life is a Highway" song came on, so we started dancing and rocking out.  I glance out the kitchen window into our (normally) secluded backyard to see Neighbor Hubs walking by.  AHHHH!! I hit the floor and crawled upstairs to grab another shirt.  Then I called Neighbor Chick to laugh hysterically and apologize for flashing her Hubs!

Maybe next time I'll grab an apron.


Lianne said...

Bwahahahaha! I can just picture you dropping like a rock...Did you Army crawl on your belly, too? Too funny!

mommychick said...

Oh you know I did! The entire back of the house has windows, which of course, were open because it was a beautiful day. And he wasn't walking along the property line or anything, he was IN the backyard.

Courtney said...

That is awesome! And totally something that would happen at my house. A couple of weeks ago, I was mowing the lawn, and it was hot as hades. I was wearing running shorts that are too short for me to run in, and a t-shirt, which I took off because nobody is EVER in the neighbors' back yards, and well, it was hot!

Until that day, when the people behind us (who have a very woodsy-lawn and can't see directly in without some effort), teenage boys to be specific, came out to play some football.

Um, coincidence? I think not.

Dear neighbor boys,
Hope you liked the show.

Raven said...

Too funny! :)