Wednesday, May 13, 2009

When it rains it pours

Nugget has not been himself lately.  He's just super clingy, whiney and not sleeping well at night/exhausted during the day.  When I got in from work yesterday, I took his temp and it was 39.  Somehow, our ear thermometer has changed itself to celsius.  Grrreat.  I did the most logical thing which was to take my temp (37) and give him some tylenol.  I put him down for a nap and googled "celsius conversion calculator" and typed in his info.  Yikes!  102!

Hubs offered to come home from work early that day because I am going to be out of town this weekend and he didn't want to be stuck with a sick Nugget he's a good father, so I called the ped's office and begged them to take Nugget that afternoon.  He was in at 3:30.

As I got sick Nugget in the office, am digging around for my insurance card and signing him in, Hubs calls to say I might need to come back and get Strip.

Me: Why?

Hubs:  She just came upstairs screaming.

Me:  Well is she sick? 

Hubs:  No, she stuck a raisin up her nose.

Me:  Good Lord, are you serious?!

Hubs: Yup.

Me:  Well how far up there is it?  Is it really stuck?!  Do I need to come get 

Hubs: Nah, I got her to blow really hard, and she shot it out of her nose.


We get back into the room, and Nugget is nuts.  He's laughing, giggling, screaming with delight as the doctor walks in.  Clearly he is the picture of my-child-is-so-sick-he-needs-to-be-seen-right-awayness.  Strike one.  The doc is asking me all sorts of questions about how he's feeling, etc and asks if he's been eating.

"No, he really hasn't had anything to eat in the past day or so.  Normally he eats like a horse, but he hasn't really touched ANYTHING in the past day."

Doc opens his mouth to look in Nuggets throat and I catch a glimpse of something black stuck in the back of all of his teeth.  Crap.  Now, either I liked and he HAS had something to eat in the past 24 hours or I just do not take care of my kids teeth.  What the heck did he eat?!  Strike 2.

Doc does some swab tests to see if it's strep or flu and leaves the room.  RAISINS!  The kid had a mini box of rasins on the drive over.  Dang.  Oh well.  Nugget goes back to being his nutty self, and the office has these really dangerous fun steps up to their super high tables. Nugget, of course, is having a grand old time driving Lightening McQueen all over the steps. He's sitting on the bottom step, leans forward, and that giant head of his just pulls him right down to the cement carpet below. Red mark, rug burn, crying, great. Doc comes back in to tell me he's fine, and I point out the boo boo on his head. He takes a look and scribbles something in Nugget's chart. Fantastic.  

Strike three, we're out.


Lianne said...

Wow! That sounds a lot like my day.

The worst/weirdest thing my son stuck up his nose was a bingo chip. My parents were "watching" him while my hubby and I were at choir practice. My mom called me, hysterical, as they drove to the ER. $100 to remove 0 71. Bingo!

mommychick said...

Oh, my, Lianne! I saw "bingo chip" but read "poker chip," and was both impressed with and scared of the size/stretchability of your son's nostrils!

Ugh. Note to self, don't catch up on blog comments after your kid wakes you up at 4:30 am!

Lianne said...

Heh, heh. That gives all new meaning to "poker face."

Hope your little man is feeling better today!