Sunday, May 24, 2009

Why must she follow me?

Another attack from the look-at-me-I'm-s0-skinny girl.  

I had to go buy a bathing suit today.  HAD to.  Disney is getting close, and I think they'd frown on me being naked, so I hit stores this afternoon while Nugget slept and Strip was having a quiet rest.  I desided to baby step into it, and poke my head in the Loft to see if there was anything new.  I grabbed a few dresses and some shorts and headed back to the dressing room. As I was walking into the open room (being lead by the sales chick, mind you), another woman CUT ME and went on in!  She paused, looked at me and the sales chick and said, "Oh is this ok?"  Uhh sure.  I walked back over and stood in line, waiting for a room, but noticed there was an open door on the end.  Then I saw a girl poke her head out.  She looked at the 8 of us waiting for a room, goes back in her room, clears her throat and SCREAMS, "Oh my gawd!  This ZERO is a little snug on me!  Ugh!  They were out of twos, but these zeros are too tight.  I mean, they zip and fit and everything, but they just feel so tight!  Do they look tight?!" 

Seriously?  But wait, it gets better.  Sales chick finds her a 2.  "UGH!  LOOK HOW BAGGY THE TWO IS!!  It's so hard to find clothes!  The TWO is falling off of me!"  she's now standing in the middle of the dressing room area, and her friend (?)  tells her she thinks they fit fine, to which the bean pole replies, "OH my GAWD!!  DOn't say that!  That's like calling me fat!!"  Oh my!  2=fat?! Yikes! 

 Call me obese. 


Lianne said...

I just threw up in my mouth a little...okay, a lot. Ugghh.

mommychick said...

Geeze, Lianne! You haven't even seen me in my bikini. Little harsh!

Lianne said...

Ha ha! Was she the make-up counter girl from your adventures yesterday? She sounded equally as clueless...