Tuesday, March 8, 2011

See you in April, friends!

Lent completely snuck up on me this year. I was so busy overindulging in new old foods, I completely lost track of my days, and WOW! Ash Wednesday is tomorrow!

So the big question came up. What to give up or take on for the next 40 days? So I'm doing a little bit of both this year. And it starts with deleting an app. Bye facebook! It's a total time suck, BUT I love hearing/seeing what's going on with all my buddies, AND I'm friends with four different Chick-fil-a's in town, so there's free food every Wednesday thanks to facebook.

I'm also giving up booze which will be slightly easier since we have no Trader Joe's here and our wine supply has dwindled considerably.

Taking on? Going old-school Oprah and starting my gratitude journal again. Three things a day I'm grateful for and no cheating with things like, "I'm thankful I woke up this morning," or "I'm thankful for the air I breathe!" Physically looking for good things in the world causes you to create good things in the world, so it's a win win!

We were chatting about Lent and giving things up and why over dinner tonight and I asked Strip if she wanted to give anything up. She suggested desserts (which made me think of UP's bff who would always give up "dessert" but then would justify eating anything sweet as long as it wasn't AFTER a meal -- hello breakfast cake!). I reminded her that we were going to New York the end of the month and it might be hard to turn up the Big Apple's sweets! I told her when I was in school, we'd give up one thing per week during Lent, and she thought that sounded like a good idea. She mentally checked her calendar and has decided that this week, she's giving up tv and next week is dessert. We'll see how these couple of weeks go and take it from there!

So see you the end of April, Facebook! And blog/twitter followers, get ready for more from me in the next week or so. I'll probably be turning to typing to push through the facebook withdrawal.


MA said...

I am relieved that you are returning to blogdom. I love reading your posts. I was horrified when I first saw you were leaving me on FB but somewhat quieted once you assured me you could be reached through the interwebs via blogspot. Get ready for a commentpalooza on your posts since I can't chat you up on FB :) xxoo

mommychick said...

Hooray! And you know you can always email me :-)

Annie said...

Enjoy your FB break, you're right, it is a time sucker!! It is so funny when I discuss with my kids what they might want to "give up" it starts big, like "sweets" and the more the discussion continues about what that would entail it whittles down to a more minute measure, like "candies with coconut in them" LOL!

mommychick said...

Oh yes, Annie! That was one of the first thing Strip thought of, "Hmmm. Can I "give up" something I really don't play with much??" It's fun to watch them put so much though into it. Tonight's Family Movie Night sans Movie. This should be interesting!