Monday, September 10, 2012

Older than I look

**I found this sign on the Indiana beverage retailers site. Fun times! Go get one **

We live in a college town.

So the other day (read; MONTHS ago), I was in Target. I needed a few random things, and Hubs called to say we were having some friends over for dinner. I was happy this Target had recently turned SUPER Target, so I could snag a few last minutes additions to our dinner menu.

Including spinach. 

And wine.

And being the classy folks that we are, I thought I'd splurge on the nice box o'vino. Which Target just happened to have on sale. Yay!

So, I walk up to cashier number 10 and start emptying my cart. I wasn't working that day, so was slumming in a snazzy pair of jeans (purchased at Costco), T-shirt, hair pulled up in a ponytail and no makeup. 

As the associate started to scan my cart-o-random, she picked up my box of wine and glanced at me as she scanned it. Then she said,

"Can I see your ID?"

Nice! A Starbucks on the way in, no kids to jump in and out and in and out and in and out of the car while shopping, AND I get carded buying wine in a box?! Yup. I still got it. This isn't my normal Target and I totally look like a 20 year-old college student attempting to buy a cart of random and sneak in my vino. Woop woop!

As I dig through my wallet, I smile and coyly say, "Sure, Here ya go!" as I turn over my ID bracing myself for the shock that will wash over this gal as she figures out the math of my birth year compared to what is legal.

Target gal takes my ID and looks at me as I say, "Thanks!"

"Oh no!," she says as she snatches my ID, "We have to run them all through with the barcode on your license. Otherwise, the computer won't let us complete the sale." 

Which I translate as, "Based on your greasy hair and massive bags under your eyes, I'm guessing your, like, waaaaaaay over 21, maybe like 70. But this silly machine with the drawer of money we never use, won't let me click the next screen without scanning your ID. Make no mistake! I think you're old! The computer just can't see you!" 

Oh well. Maybe I don't still "have it." But you know what I do have? A box o wine. 

Boo yow! 

PS yes I know it's been a while. BlogHer dropped me, I forgot my log-in, and this posting format looks completely different since last I typed! 8 million things have happened since I posted last, so I'll do my best to fill in the gaps as I post. Cheers!

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The Revell Family said...

So funny and what a surprise it was to see you blogging again...I need my daily laugh...keep 'em coming :)