Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Need for speed

The other day, I was taking Strip to school. I was cruising down the road, approaching the school zone. When I looked down to check my speed, I noticed I was doing zero. Hmmmm.

So today, on the way home from her doctor's appointment, I felt like I was going a little slow, glanced down and it said I was going 65.

Something's not right.

The following conversation took place:

Me: Remind me when we get home that I need to tell Daddy I HAVE to take my car to the shop.
Strip: Shop? What shop?
Me: The car shop where they fix cars.
Strip: Why? What's wrong with your car?
Me: Something's up with the speedometer.
Strip: Really?
Me: Yeah, the other day when I took you to school, I was probably doing about 35 and it said I was doing zero.
Strip: What?!
Me: I know! And now we are barely moving and it says I'm pushing 70!
Strip: Oh my word!
Me: I know!
Strip: I have no idea what any of those words mean, but it sounds crazy!

Ha! On top of not knowing how fast I was actually going, I almost ran off the road laughing! She goes above and beyond the nod and smile!

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Laura said...

Looks like mine a while back. I had the same problem and found out there was a recall on the cluster which caused this problem. Before you take it to the shop check to see if there is a recall on yours too. The chevy dealer replaced mine for free.

Hopr this helps.