Tuesday, January 25, 2011

And I know exactly where I lost that weight...

(picture from wikipedia. pretty colors!)

My brain must be a few pounds lighter because I.am.an.idot.

As mentioned before, my Monday didn't get off to a stellar start. But, the kids had school, and I had errands to run. I spent Sunday shopping, so Monday was set for returning/exchanging, and to avoid the car seat pass around, I just took Hubs' truck out on my Sunday Shopping Spree.

Little word of advice; if you live in a snowy place and are moving to Florida, but know you are going skiing sometime after the new year, go ahead and buy your ski clothes and gear while up north. Florida has very little to offer in the way of ski apparel.

I was feeling good! Hit Sports Authority to return the extra UA shirt I bought, then over to Bed Bath & Beyond to return a broom and canister and swap out the k-cups I bought.

I pulled into the mall just as they opened and got a great parking spot that I could even pull through! I bought three pairs of jeans at the Gap yesterday (new favorites are Long and Leans which is odd because I consider myself neither long, nor lean), but I mistakenly picked up a sexy boot cut that looked not so sexy on me, AND Gap sent me a mystery coupon for 20% off my purchase, so I wanted some money back. Gap gal was super nice and we swapped everything out in no time.

Then it was onto the Banana where I needed to trade out a sweater because I think I like the lighter color better. In and out of the dressing room, even exchange, and I'm on my way! I had a few dollars left on my Starbucks gift card, so treated myself to a little something warm, then sauntered over to Bath and Body works. The Christmas candles I use in the dining room were 75% off, so I stocked up and ended up getting a free thing of soap.

This day's turning out better than I thought!

Knowing that I needed to start my way back up to get Nugget, I went ahead and dug out my keys continuing to sip my 'Bucks and savor these last quiet steps to the car.

Then I looked in my hand and noticed I was holding MY keys. Mine. Not Hubs'.

Hmmm. I dug around in my purse (which is really a glorified epi pen holder), and they weren't there.

I checked my gap bag. Nothing but receipts and denim....

Silly me! I bet I set them down on the counter at Gap and left them there! Good thing Gap's on the way back to the car!

Gap Girl: You ready to check out?
Me: No I already did, but I think I left my keys here. Did you find them?
Gap Girl: Nope! No keys this morning!
Me: Grrrreat. Mind if I dump my stuff out and dig here on the counter?
Gap Girl: No, go right ahead.

We dig and pat everything I have, and nothing. At this point, my head is reeling. He's going to kill me! I have MY keys and HIS keys, so he can't even drive over here and meet me. Knowing my luck, because I grabbed my keys, his car is probably still running with the key in it. Which means someone probably stole the car. Oh my bathtubs, what am I going to do?!?

Gap Girl: Want to call someone?
Me: Yeah, I'll just call my husband (pulls out my phone). UGH and now my phone's dead!
Gap Girl: You can use the store's phone if you want!
Me: I don't know his number! He got a new cell phone and I haven't memorized the number yet. I'll go check the car and see if I can see them....
Gap Girl: Good luck! Come back if you need to call AAA or something!
Me: Thanks.

Now I AM getting a leg workout today because I am kicking myself through the mall. Think. THINK! You had to have the keys in your hand because you locked the door and heard it honk. Visualize driving into the parking lot. Where did you park? Oh! Remember, there weren't spots RIGHT at the front, but you pulled through a spot near the department store. Yes! Because I remember saying to myself, "It is SO much easier to park my car than Hubs' car..."

My car. I am in my car today. Which explains why I have MY keys.

I decided to go ahead and get to Nugget's school early, just incase I forgot where I was going along the way.


A Steele House said...

You are such a great BLOGGER! I love reading everything you write...and tonight I laughed-out-loud! - I am a friend of the Redmans and that is how I link over to your blog!

Annie said...

LOL!!! Yes, the perfect example of mom brain! Classic moments in a busy mom's life!

mommychick said...

Great to have you, Steelers! And yes, Annie, I think I've 100% lost my mind! Yikes!