Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hubs. The sweetest jerk I know.

Merry Christmas to the adults!

Like Nugget, Hubs wanted "Jus one fing" for Christmas. And I was SO excited to find it two days before Christmas. He wanted a heart rate monitor gps watch. Because he's an avid runner? Nope. But he couldn't BE an avid runner without a heart rate monitor gps watch! I was going to wrap up a picture, but I found IT! I couldn't wait for Christmas (all 48 hours!).

I really didn't have a lot on my list, but had decided with gift cards I'd been hoarding, I was going to buy myself a Nook. Just when I decided to do that, they came out with the Nook color, and I like it more, so I continued the hoarding.

Christmas morning arrived, and Hubs distributed his annual Christmas card, stocked with a few lotto cards. Mine, was especially thick. In it, I not only found a few lucky scratch offs, but a Nook color brochure! Hubs said, "Merry Christmas" and I may or may not have squealed a little. Then I thought about it.

Me: "So is this a, 'Merry Christmas, go buy yourself a Nook' or 'Merry Christmas, if you win big with these tickets, go buy yourself a Nook' kinda thing?
Hubs: rolls eyes Merry Christmas.

I won nothing. Who cares? I'm heading to B&N tomorrow. But this kinda sucks because Hubs will get to play with his new toy in about 30 minutes and I can't until tomorrow. Score another for me!

Next, I open UP's card, and in it is a gift card for B&N with a note saying, "Go by a book for your Nook, I hope?" Boo-yow! I said as I held up my brochure. New book for me on my Nook tomorrow!

I give Hubs his gift and he is beyond thrilled, that is until he opens it, and I discover I got the exact watch he wanted, minus one letter, which apparently meant it was just the gps watch, not the heart rate monitor. Oh well. His birthday's right around the corner, now I had a gift idea (side note, I found the right one at Costco a week later).

Next up, a gift for me! As I was tearing off the paper, Hubs stopped me, and said, multiple times, "This one is from Zoe. ZOE. This is from the dog, not me."

I had no clue why he was so adamant the dog get credit for a gift, until under the paper, I spied the words "beach body." HA! The one thing I did, actually, ask for was the set of p90x dvds. Hubs just didn't want to seem like the jerk who gave his wife a set of workout dvds! Thanks Zoe! New Year's resolution is ON.

A little while later, I open a card from Hubs. In it, a gift card from B&N and a note saying, "I hope this puts you over the top and you can go buy your Nook!" Gift Card Amount: $10.

You have got to be kidding me.

I sat there for a second, trying not to sound like an ungrateful witch, but still confused because I thought an hour or so ago, he gave me the nook. Now, it was more like he was giving me the finger.

Me: So I can't get the Nook?
Hubs: Yeah! You said you had a ton of gift cards, right? Did that put you over?
Me: Umm no that put me about $60 short.

And we moved on. Ok. Guess I'm not getting a Nook. Or I'm not getting it until our anniversary maybe.

After things were winding down, Hubs had one more gift for me. Wouldn't you know, it was a box with a Nook color, charger and cover. I'm sure I should have said, "Awwwe THANK YOU!," but I'm pretty sure what slipped out was, "You jackass!" So I used my gift cards to load some books on my new Nook (and then I had a glass of Pinot Noir and added a few more!), and have been pouring through books since the first of the year (another reason why I haven't had time to write)!

Any good book suggestions?

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