Saturday, January 8, 2011

Merry Christmas, Kiddos!

First off, Happy New Year! No, we're not dead, just crazier than usual with moving over Christmas.

Santa was good to everyone in our house. We spent it with PaPa and Ma and UP at the parent's house, and first, can I say that I've ALWAYS dreamt of a white Christmas? Lived for two years in a snowy wonderland, where it miraculously NEVER snowed on Christmas. Move to Florida, spend Christmas in Georgia and it SNOWS the day after Christmas. Madness! Although I had to laugh when Nugget looked out of the window and said,

Nugget: What's wrong wif da snow?
Me: What do you mean?
Nugget: Why it's not in da trees?!

I explained that Georgia snow was a little different than the snow we were use to and just enjoy watching it fall because that's about as good as it gets.

Anyway, Christmas morning!

Lots of people asked me if I was going nuts trying to shop and have things delivered where ever for Christmas. Nope! While patting myself on the back, I explained that I had ALL of my shopping done before we even found out that we were moving, so yay me! Then, there were a couple of problems.

1. Bean bags. Santa was bringing the kids bean bags for Christmas and he found them on Clearance at Target for $13 in August. Woo to the hoo! Who cares if they are black and not the greatest? They are going in the basement and the kids will love them! Only now, there isn't a basement and the kids stuff will be in full view... and the covers don't come off which are going ot make them hard to wash and monogram... Crud! LandsEnd to the rescue! I ordered them, had them delivered to GA. Good to go! Until I get an email stating that the monogrammed covers are on backorder until January 7th. Hmmm. No worries! I'll just get some letters and stick them on the white beanbags with a note from Felix saying their covers will be waiting for them when they get to Florida. But, as luck would have it, I got another email saying they were shipped early, and the covers arrived at the house ON Christmas eve. Hooray!

2. Nugget.

Here's Nugget talking to Santa. Wanna know what he's saying?

"I want ONE fing, Santa. Just one fing. A Polar Depressed train. Das it."

Well, I know they make a Polar Express (depressed) train. It's by Lionel. It's gigantic. And most importantly, it's over $500. I love you buddy, but NO! So I took him by the train store, we found the P.D. and he hugged the box for 20 minutes. Awesome.

So we found the train man who runs the store. I stood behind Nugget, OBVIOUSLY nodding my head yes while saying, "Don't you have to be MUCH older than three to get the Polar Express train? It's for big boys who are ten, right? You can't get that train when you are only three, can you?" nod nod nod nod nod.

The confused store owner looked at me, looked at nugget, back at me and said, "Uhhhh, yes?"

We went back to hug the box, and sure enough! Ages 8 and up. YES! I win! Pick something else buddy. But did he? Nope. Because Das all he wanted.

With 5 days until Christmas, I find a smaller version of the Polar Depressed that is not only cheaper, it's remote controlled, so he won't electrocute himself. Score! Only problem is it's in PA and I need it in GA ASAP. I click the two day shipping, kicking myself for waiting until the last minute. I figure it's Sunday, so hopefully they will get the order Monday, process it Tuesday and ship it Wednesday, getting it to us by Friday at the latest.

Ring! Ring!

It's PA calling. I'm petrified they are calling to say that the train is no longer available, and when I don't get to the phone in time, I wait for voicemail to pick up. One new message.

Hi! This is soandso calling from the Train Store in PA. I got your order, but when I put it in, it looks like UPS will deliver it on Wednesday with 2 day air OR ground, so if it's ok with you, I'll just send it ground and credit your card with the extra $40. Just give me a call if that's alright! Thanks!

Umm yeah that's ok! But problem 2 lead to problem 3. Strip! If Santa is bringing them even stuff, and now he's bringing Nugget the P.E. he has to bring Strip something equally as cool, too. Why did I even bother to shop before the last week of Christmas?! Under control! The Tangled Tower! She'll love it! She asked Santa for a second doll house so she could start a neighborhood, so this will be sort of close to that. AND I have a $20 credit to the Disney store! Come on, Hubs! We're heading to the mall!

Problem 4? Our mall doesn't have a Disney Store. What?! No problem! We'll pay full price at Target (yes, we have 2 Targets! Whew!). Unfortunately, not only do they NOT have the Tower, they don't have anything Tangled at ALL! So I suck it up and call Wal-Mart. Two left and Tony is going to hold one for me!

So, Christmas was a success! Nugget was right, he really did only want ONE thing for Christmas. He (and Hubs, and PaPa and Up) played Polar Express the entire weekend and he (knock on wood) hasn't destroyed it yet! Strip was slightly disappointed that she didn't get a second gigantic doll house, but agreed that the Tangled Tower would up the property value of the other doll house, so it was fine. Now the only question that remains is where are we going to put all of this stuff!?

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Happy moving and I hope you are settling in!