Saturday, August 13, 2011

Blogging A.D.D

Here are some bright colors to keep you focused on this post :-)

Last night, I logged in to write about our recent mishap with the car GPS. I like pictures, so was looking for one to start the post.

Not finding one I liked, I googled "lost" to try to find an image.

And that reminded me of a funny email/blog post UP sent me a year or so ago.'

So I started searching my email for it and ran across some hilarity from

And because I had not looked at that site in a while, I clicked on over for some giggles.

Remembering I had a post to write, I went back to my email where I was SURE I'd found the link.

But it turned out to be a Josh Groban funny. I had not watched it in a while, so I watched it, giggled, showed it to Hubs, then we watched it again. Here is is for your viewing pleasure (and because I need an excuse to watch it one more time!):

I finally broke down and googled the blog I was looking for and found it:

I read it and cried I was laughing so hard.

At that point I was too tired and had forgotten completely about the post I was supposed to write.

Oh well! Maybe I can focus on actually writing tomorrow.

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