Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Hubs has a tendency to find very interesting cards for me. They are either borderline inappropriate or in spanish (I don't speak spanish).

Mother's day card fell into the borderline inappropriate category.

So I'll share it with you:

Har, har, har.

So after reading the card, I tucked it into the envelope. A little while later, we were going about our day and Strip picked up the card.

Strip: Awe! Look! It's you and daddy kissing! Hahaha! Look you're in love! Hahaha

Then she flips to the naked page

Strip: Oh! They must be on their honeymoon!

SO many things are running through my head at this moment. How do you know what a honeyomoon is?! How do you know what people DO on a honey moon (except for us. Hubs ate sushi in Mexico and spent a romantic four nights kissing the toilet, not me)?! Where are you getting this information?!?!

I calmly respond.

Me: Oh? Why do you think they are going on their honeymoon?
Strip: 'Cause they love each other and they have their suitcase. See this black box right here? It's their suitcase.

Duh! And whew!

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