Saturday, May 1, 2010

Worst night's sleep ever. A Timeline.

This is not my hippo. This photo is from a blog filled with lists. Who knew! There's a blog about everything!

Let me preface this by saying we had a l-o-n-g week. Hubs was out of town, I was busy juggling our newest addition, preschool, work and subbing. So when Friday rolled around, we were pooped! Of course, the kids went to work with me from 9-2:30, then raced home for a playdate/meet Zoe at 3:15, so it should come as no surprise that after our friends left and while we were picking out the movie for Family Movie night, Nugget did this:

He actually fell asleep on the couch, but I was moving him and put him down for a second and he turned into road kill.

So let the timeline begin!

6:15 Nugget falls asleep on the couch/floor.

6:30 Move kids upstairs for a bath. Nugget is crying for his bed, so wrangle him into his Toy Stroy pjs, tuck him in and toss Strip in the tub.

6:50 Strip out of the tub, pjs on, make a pizza and fight over a movie to watch (Strip wins, Jungle Book 2 it is).

8:30 move's over, Hubs takes Strip upstairs. Strip sees neighbors out and pokes her head out to say hello. Hubs scoots her upstairs. Strip remembers she wanted to tell neighbors about how she was looking for a movie in the basement with us and stepped on the exposed tacks that are awaiting new carpet. Hubs says no. Strip begins to cry. Hubs stands his ground. Exhausted Strip falls apart. Mom steps in and takes her upstairs. Hubs says goodnight and goes to take a shower.

8:45 Strip in bed, making shadow puppets, calming down. I tell her I'm going to take pictures of the birds nest we found today and Hubs is in the shower. She asks that he comes in to tell her goodnight. I agree.

8:50 I go outside to look at the nest with Zoe, but can't get a good shot. We notice the neighbors are all hanging in the cul de sac, so I put Zoe on her leash and take her down to meet the other pups in the hood.

9:00 Hubs comes outside to join the conversation at the end of our driveway.

9:15 Unbeknownst to us, Strip has become angry that Hubs hasn't come in to tell her goodnight. She storms into our bathroom, no Hubs. She storms downstairs to the kitchen. No parents. She storms out the back door to look for us in the yard. No parents. She.flips.out. (not that I blame her!). She then runs upstairs to wake a sleeping Nugget and they both come EXPLODING down the the driveway toward us. I scoop both kids up (Strip crying, Nugget stumbling around saying, 'Why everybody outside??") and carry them in. Hubs follows.

9:20 Extremely confused Nugget. He wants to "Go downstairs. Eat oatmeal. Eat gummies. Drink Nilk." I tell him it's not morning, it's still night time, so he is insisting on putting on his pjs (which he has on). I give in and change him out of his pjs and into a new pair, get him settled, but he's now convinced that he woke up because he wet the bed and is insisting on sleeping in the guest room. Get him settled and go to Strip. OH the weeping and gnashing of teeth. Hubs and I alternate between kids. Finally Strip is down and Nugget is snuggling with Hubs.

10:00 I go downstairs to clean up a little, check email and wait on Hubs.

10:30 I realize Hubs has fallen asleep with Nugget, so I lock up and take Zoe upstairs to bed.

11:30ish Nugget falls out of the guest room bed, wakes up Hubs.

12:30ish Strip wanders into our room

2:30 Nugget wakes up screaming. Into the bed he comes (the king bed feels much smaller with 2 people, 2 kids and a dog).

3:00 HORRIBLE storm. Lightening, thunder, sideways rain, wind. Hubs, aka Jim Cantore, hops up and scoots downstairs to track the storm and see if we need to get in the basement.

3:30 Hubs/Jim tracks the storm but deems it safe to still sleep upstairs (or so I assume because that's where we all stayed).

4:15 Kerplunk! Strip falls off our bed. Scoop her back up and toss her in the middle of the bed while I cling to the edge of the mattress, rest my head on the bedside table and receive a deep lumbar massage by some preschool piggies. Ouch.

6:30 Nugget is awake.

7:00 Strip is awake.

7:15 Nugget poops his pants.

Someone recently asked me what I hoped to get for Mother's Day. My answer as of this morning, is an ambien and an empty hotel room. Tonight has to be better.

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