Saturday, May 29, 2010

If you're not first, you're last -- Ricky Bobby

**Photography Credit to Hermano (yes, I've been watching WAY too much Arrested Development these last few days) **

Pops had a big birthday this year, and to celebrate, Ma wanted to do something special; The Talladega Superspeedway Racing School experience. My first reaction when Ma told me was, "Geeze, why not just get him a coffin, because that sounds like a SUPER way to kill him!" Trying not to be a party pooper, I checked out the website and saw and accolade from a man whose 83 year-old father had the "birthday of a lifetime" at Talladaga. Ok. Maybe we wouldn't kill him.

Pops set up the date for his race weekend, and he, Ma, Hermano (aka Uncle P) and the pups headed on over. I couldn't even be at home knowing that he was racing. I was a ball of nerves. Hermano snapped a pic of Pops in his racing gear and texted it to me. I showed it to Nugget who exclaimed, "WOOOW! PaPa's a REAL race car driver!" (Please, God, don't let him die!).

I took Zoe for a run and came back to get the report that he not only survived his birthday present, but he had a GREAT time!

They apparently put you in groups of 20 for training, then let all the newly- trained Lightening McQueens out on the track TOGETHER. That's just asking for a disaster if you ask me. They take everyone out to the track and get them suited up in their racing gear. The majority of the group was living out their dream, but there was one guy out there who, I guess, lives in his dream world. He brought his own fire suit! And I giggle at the people at the bowling alley with their own ball and shoes! Whoa!

They were hoping to get a Disney Cars car, but none of the three could remember who the main cars were (and they don't really let you pick your own), so Pops got number 13.
It was blue a
nd looked like Dinaco King, which I thought was great because the King is kinda the old dude of
the race track. They snapped a picture of Pops sitting on his car, then popped his helmet on.

He then, gingerly slipped into the car.

And the pit crew so nicely helped him in **SMACK**

He was then off! Or was he? After Pops was getting settled into the car, the peanut gallery
noticed someone working on the back of the car...with something that looked like a roll of duct tape? Oh well, ignorance is bliss right? Oh! I should say that the night before the trip to Talladega, Pops also did some googling to get a little more information. He also found an article about a 80 something year-old man. His article started with, "83 year-old man lives out his dream at the speedway," but followed up with, "but during a turn, his front right tire exploded, sending him into the wall. He died later from his injuries." Enjoy the ride, Pops!

All taped up, Pops was ready to ride! There is a guy that rides with you, but Pops said he couldn't turn his head to see him, he just saw his gloved hand giving signals throughout the ride.

He clocked in at 157 mph and even passed a guy!

So congrats, Pops!! You survive your birthday present! But don't worry, I'm working on something else for Christmas that's sure do you in!

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