Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Five Words

So today was a little crazy.

Trying to pre-pack kids for the beach, realizing that Nugget has two pairs of summer pjs and 2 bathing suites, and neither child has a suitcase (thanks a lot, sump pump).

After resolving the pj, bathing suite and luggage problem, I went in to work a shift tonight. I left the house at 5:00 PM, loudly telling the children their evening instructions (AFTER YOU EAT DINNER, GO TO THE BATHROOM BEFORE YOU PLAY IN THE PLAYPLACE BECAUSE CHICK-FIL-A WILL BE CRAZY AND YOU NEED TO STAY WITH MA). Then, the most important instructions, "When you get home, you need to go straight to bed!" Mainly because Strip was up until 11:30 PM last night with me watching Alice. I blame the sun for this. If it would set here in God's country a little earlier than 9:48, then I might remember to put my kids in bed at their normal bedtime).

I glanced at the clock at 8:15 and told my co-worker, "Ugh. I so hope my kids are in bed right now."

When I called thirty minutes later, they were squealing in the background.


So, when I get home, not only are both kids WIDE awake, they are both still fully dressed and have FULL face paint. Thank you Chick-fil-a. Thank you. Strip is some kind of fairy glittery something, and Nugget? Full on batman face mask.

Which worked well, considering he already requested to wear his batman pjs tonight. AND, they both refused to remove the face paint because "Ma said we could keep it on!"

I reminded them that it was WAY past their bedtime and mommy gave instructions that they were to go to bed as SOON as they went to bed, to which Ma piped in with, "Well, yeah, but we literally walked in the door about 10 minutes ago."


So, five words.

Two Buck Chuck and Glee.

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