Saturday, June 12, 2010

Divide and Conquer

We're Nugget and Strip-less!

Strip was headed to PaPa's and Ma's for the week, and Hub's dad's wife decided to fly up and snag Nugget for the week as an early surprise Father's day present for "Andaddy."

Both kids hit the road/sky Thursday morning and Hubs got back in town Thursday night.

It is ALL too quiet around her with just Zoe.

Strip had know about her road trip for a while, and was wavering between excited and sad. She told me the night before they left that she didn't want to go and would miss me too much. I told her she was going to have so much fun at Ma's she'd forget to miss me. I then opened my big mouth and told her about the 34 million Barbie's, Ken's, Skipper's and accessories I had, AND that borderline-hoarder Ma probably still had all 34 million dolls and accessories in my attic (which was thrilling in and of itself because Strip had been watching the Velveteen Rabbit and the little boy discovers his world of imagination in his Grandma's attic , so that was a double thrill).

Nugget's trip was a little more spontaneous, so when I was telling him about going to Andaddy's house, he said, "You goin' with me?" I told him no, that he was a big boy and how fun and exciting that he got to go all by himself. He thought about it for a second and looked at me with his giant eyes and said, "I don't know the way!" Ahh! Melt my heart! I assured him that he didn't have to walk or drive, but that L was coming up to get him on the plane.

Both kids made it safely to their stops. Nugget told me all about driving tractors and swimming and watching Toy Story for a "lil bit" before bed. Strip is in Barbie dream world right now and has spent the past two days sorting and organizing every barbie I owned. I talked to her this morning and PaPa got her HDN (that would be Hot Doughnuts Now) for breakfast and she and Ma were about to play dolls. She excitedly exclaimed, "You have GOT to come play with us, Mommy!!" I told her I'd love to, but maybe she could pick out a few of her favorite things of mine this week and she could bring them to the beach, then back home with us. I then told Ma the same thing, emphasizing the word "few."

So it's just me and Hubs. Yesterday we went to the new YMCA-type place that we joined and worked out together. I think the last time I worked out in a gym was when I was pregnant with Strip, so I might not be able to was my hair today because my arms are so tired. We then headed to the pool/water park and had just made it to the top of the tube slide line when Jim Cantore Hubs started tracking a storm. As he pessimistically pointed out where the rain was already falling and predicting where we would be in line when the storm hit, I looked over and noticed the large black cloud he was referring to.

Jim was totally right. I felt like we were in the Wizard of Oz as everyone scrambled for their stuff. Chairs (we're talking large lounge chairs) were flying around and people were going nuts. We got to the car just as the first rain drop hit.

Because we were kidless, we forced ourselves to go out. Hubs took me to one of our favorite restaurants for a doctor-ordered steak (my iron is freakishly low and we're doing everything we can to boost it. Wonder if we can pay for steak dinners with our HSA....) then to a movie. We got home and watched another movie in the basement then Hubs headed to bed while I returned emails. I tip toed upstairs and peeked into the kids' rooms out of habit.

It's going to be a long, quiet week!

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