Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Four years later and his birth is still taking me by surprise.

You would think that a scheduled c-section for April 26th would mean a well-planned baby and birth. However, Nugget, had other plans, and although his official 40 week date was May 3rd he made us a party of 4 earlier than expected.

The picture above was taken when he was four days old. Almost four years after that picture, you'd THINK that his own MOTHER would have his birthday down. But, with Spring Break, NCY trip and craziness at work, his birthday, once again, totally snuck up on me!

I normally start brainstorming both kids' parties in the fall, but with the move, that didn't happen. I printed out Nugget's birthday invitations last week, gave them to all the boys in his class on Friday and started mentally preparing for his party this weekend.

Today is Tuesday and the RSVP count is zero.

Fearing my sweet baby boy wouldn't have any buddies to celebrate with on Saturday, I started planting the seeds of plan b.

Me: Hey buddy! Do you want to go somewhere super special on Saturday to celebrate your birthday?!

Nug: What?

Me: Maybe a special dinner? We can go ANYWHERE you want to for your birthday. You're the birthday boy, so we can go where EVER you want!!

Nugget: I fink....I wanna eat at home!

Me: Oh, buddy! You want me to fix you something special for your birthday dinner?

Nugget: Yeah!

Me: Ok! What do you want? I'll make anything.

Nugget: Cheese sam-wich.

Me: Really?? Anything in the world and you want a cheese sandwich? You had that for dinner last night!

Nugget: I know. I love it!

Bless his heart, if he stays this easy to please at mealtime, he's going to make a lucky lady very happy one day!

And what is with my kids and their choices of my favorite "cooking?" While in NYC, Strip exclaimed while eating REAL New York pizza, "This is good, but I like yours better!" When I thanked her, she followed up with, "Yeah, you set the timer just right!" Ha! I'm sure their second favorite culinary creation of mine is popcorn.

Meanwhile when I asked Nugget what he wants for his birthday, his list includes a cake with fire on it (check!), balloons (check!!) and a cheese sandwich.

I think four's going to be a great year!

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