Monday, April 11, 2011

Sticky Situation

Recently, we've been letting the kids have gum. There's never been a reason before NOT to, but there's really not been a reason TO give them gum either. It started as a fun treat in the car, and I quickly realized neither kid should have it for opposite reasons.

Strip is just like me; can't physically chew gum without pulling it out of her mouth, stretching it on her fingers and twirling it all over the place which equals sticky, sticky kid.

Nugget? He just swallows it. Oh? We're about to eat? GULP! This piece lost its flavor? GULP! And may I have another piece now? I'm convinced his stomach is now lined with gum and do not see how the kid is still hungry or eating.

So Wednesday night, I'm driving the kids home from church and they ask for a piece of gum. We have to stop at Bed Bath and Beyond so I can get some kcups and we can look for Nugget's birthday present from Strip (a ladybug pillow pet), so I figure why not! And because I'm feeling good, I even let them each have a whole piece.

On the way home from BB&B, I glance back to see Nugget scratching his head...but not chewing.

When we got home? I discovered what I feared. The good news? He did NOT swallow it. The bad news? The gum now solved the cowlick problem...

Now what?!

The first thought that came to mind was peanut butter. The second thought was google. After a quick search, I found that the options were peanut butter, olive oil and ice. Figuring EVOO solved Baby Strip's cradle cap problem, I opted to go with that, so....

Step one: Cover with olive oil:

Step 2: Comb through gum covered area.

Key word? Comb. I looked all over the house and couldn't find one. I had NO desire to ruin an Aveda paddle brush, but then it hit me! BARBIE!

So, step 2a If you can't find a comb, enlist the help of Barbie and/or My Little Pony

Comb through the gum/oil until it's out of the hair (and thank your lucky stars your short-haired boy child did this and not your long-haired girl child.

Step 3: Grab some crusty Italian bread and sop up the excess

because even though your child is now gum-free? He will be oily for the next 2 days.

Nugget is now on a 2 week gum probation.

And you'd think that would solve all of our problems, however, when tossing them in the bath tonight, Strip asked me to help her with her buttons on her dress, which I distinctly remember NOT doing this morning.

"Yeah, my teacher had to button my dress for me!"

Awesome. I can't even get my kid dressed in the morning. I then turn my attention to Nugget who hopped in the tub. I picked up his dirty clothes, but no undies. Yay! He got in the shower with clothes on, AGAIN! I pull back the curtain attempting to snag his batman undies before they are stuck to him, but... no undies.

Back to the pile of clothes. Undershirt, socks, plaid shorts, shirt. No underwear.

"Buddy, did you wear underwear today?"

"I guess not!"

I'm going to have to start patting them down when I tell them good-bye in the morning!

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