Saturday, October 4, 2008


Bath time rocks. My kids could spend a month in the tub. They just love it. Tonight, they were equally gross, so I thought I'd let them have separate tub time. Nugget got the scrub down first. got him out, dried off, diaper and pjs on. Drained and drew second bath, tossed Strip in. Nugget hopped up at the sink and was happily brushing his teeth while I brushed his hair. I was looking at what a HORRIBLE job the Great-Clips-meets-Hooters salon did cutting his hair and thought there was no way me trimming his bangs could make him look any worse.

So I stepped out of the room, exactly 5 steps from the bathroom to the counter where the scissors were. I turn around, look in the bathroom and scream, nooooooooooo!

Nugget has raced to the tub and has one leg over the edge. I sprint to the bathroom, but he hears me coming. Giggle, splash and hysterical laughter from all three of us. A dry, diapered, pj'd nugget is now...

soggy. Bath time just got a little longer, and that bottle of wine is going to get a little more chilled.

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