Monday, October 20, 2008

Hint Taken

So last week was extremely crazy. Packers, movers, trucks, shuffling kids, tying up loose ends at work before the move, just nuts. I already spent one glorious day with the packers and was preparing for day two.

I hopped out of bed at 5 am and slipped into my jeans. As I did the hip-wiggle buttoning of my pants, I made the mental note to drink more water. The day before I spent downing Sprite and thought I didn't need anymore liquid calories. Dropped off Strip at a friends and Nugget and I headed back to the house for the final day of packing and loading.

Around 3 pm, I was feeling like I needed a nap. Not wanting to snooze while three strange men were around, I figured the next best thing would be to hit the fridge/freezer. After all, in the next 24 hours, it was all going to hit the garbage or the neighbors' house so I might as well. Nothing in the fridge, but I did spy a carton of Java Chip ice cream. Score! Coffee, ice cream and chocolate, Hooray!! I grabbed a baby spoon out of the sink and popped the top, just as mover guy #2 walked in the kitchen. He gave me a little look, so I said,

"Hey, I just have to toss it tomorrow, right? Might as well enjoy a little first!"

Mover #2 looks me right in the eye and says, "A taste on the lips is a lifetime on the hips."

Wow. I stood there stunned. Everything within me was screaming. Screaming irrational, stupid things. Things like, "If you think I'm fat now, you should have seen me pregnant with my daughter. I gained a good 50+ pounds!" and "Hey, buddy, I've had 2 kids and these jeans are a size 6! SIX! I will take them off right now and show you the tag!" But I said nothing. Not. A. Thing. By this point he wandered off, so I proceeded to follow him around the house, eating more ice cream than I really intended. Later he was looking for a screwdriver, and when I handed it to him, he said "Thank you." I wanted to say, "I should be stabbing you in the face for that comment," but I just said you're welcome.

Fast Forward to 6:30 pm.

Pick up Strip from the friend who, bless her heart, took care of her for 11 hours. I was hungry, Nugget was hungry and everything we owned was either in a box or on a truck, so we stopped at a new burger place for dinner. SO tired, I was holding Nugget with my hip/belly poked out to compensate for the added weight of holding him. Strip reaches up to tell me something and taps my stomach. She then looks up and says,

"You have a nice tummy, mommy!"

Yes! Confidence is coming back! I DO have a nice tummy, don't I?

About to thank Strip when she finishes the thought by whispering:

Strip: "Is there a baby coming?"

Me: in disbelief "WHAT??"

Strip: "Is there a baby coming?"

Me: No, but I think there is a gym membership coming.

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Tiffany T said... had every right to kill the mover dude...seriously, what kind of an idiot says that???