Monday, October 20, 2008

She's out to get me

Last weekend, we did a Disney trip. Husband flew back, and the kids and I drove to the Parents house. I had not driven the way we were going alone before, but felt like I knew the route well enough. And never fear, I had Magellan, or as we call her Madge leading the way with her little green route line and calm, reassuring voice, I knew it would be a smooth 400 + miles.

I think it would have been, had Madge not been trying to kill me. Maybe it's because she really belongs in Husband's car and felt I was just using her. I don't know. Things are going smoothly, I'm rockin out to a little talk radio, kids chillin in the back seat when she pipes up

"Exit in 2 miles, Martin Luther King Blvd."

Ummm what's that Madge? I thought I stayed on this road for 2 more hours. Hmm.

"Prepare to exit. Martin Luther King Blvd"

No thanks Madge. It's a rough city, and that just doesn't sound right. I'm going to go on up to the next exit.

"Calculating route"

Atta girl

"When possible, make a legal U-turn"

Crap, Madge. Maybe you were right. Traffic slows, so I do the turn by turn directions to see what she's up to. Madge wanted me to exit on MLK, drive 4 blocks and hop back on the interstate. Uh no thank you. Thankfully I had my trusty new phone that also has navigation, so I checked it for backup where it was confirmed. I'm right, Madge is wrong. I turn Madge off for the rest of the drive.

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