Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ode to a Nugget

I can't believe my sweet baby boy is FOUR! It seems like only yesterday I was sitting in my nephrologist's office hearing the words, "And if you decide to have anymore kids, we'll need to talk." My response? "Well let's start talking!"

I knew you were a boy from the beginning. With Strip, I gained 55+ lbs and felt fantastic. With you? I started puking at 7 weeks and didn't stop until you were born (literally puked in the OR). Once I started eating again (somewhere around 22 weeks) I remember wanted burgers at 9 am (thank you Grill and Chill for serving burgers at breakfast!) and fountain cokes. I never stopped moving, and neither did you!

You came out a few weeks early and gave us a scare there at first, but made up for lost time in the NICU. I thought because you were surrounded by noises and on a strict feeding schedule, you'd be a breeze. WRONG! Lightest sleeper ever and you'd wake up at 3 am refusing to fall back to sleep.

You were the smiliest baby ever. EVER! You started smiling and laughing early and haven't stopped.

And no one had to really DO anything to make you laugh. I remember crawling in the backseat during the last half hour of a disney commute and just looking at you. You'd giggle hysterically until you got the hiccups that only made you laugh harder.

You crack up all your teachers, the lunch bunch crowd and everyone you come in contact with. You have a great little sense of humor and roll with the punches so well. You're our laid back, go with the flow buddy!

You dare to be different. While most kids learn to crawl, you did the hop scoot. Once you figured out how to sit up on your own, instead of crawling, you'd push off of your ankles and scoot yourself backwards.

You have no fear. NO fear. Well severe weather freaks you out, but other than that? Nothing. A few weeks ago, a frog jumped in front of us, and without hesitation, you went after it with both hands. While your sister and I screamed and squealed, you turned around with both hand gripping a giant, slimy frog! After letting it go, you screamed and laughed hysterically that "he peed in my hand!" A few weeks ago, you came in the kitchen to say, "There's a spider in Strip's room." I told you ok. "Here!" you said as you placed a giant, fuzzy spider on the kitchen counter. I hope you keep that sense of adventure, but would still prefer you hold my hand while crossing the parking lot.

You are strong-willed, stubborn and loud and I wouldn't change a thing about you :-) You keep us laughing and pulling our hair out and I catch myself wondering what you are going to be like in high school and college and what in the world you are going to be when you grow up! These past four years getting to know you have been so much fun and I can't wait to see what the next 365 adventures bring.

Happy Birthday, Nugget!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely tribute to obviously a loved little boy! All our best to you and yours!

mommychick said...

Thank you, anonymous!