Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The problem with a helpful child...

Is that she sometimes find your surcee's.

I didn't get the good out of my kid-free time today, so I had to race to the grocery store after I picked both of them up.  Nugget wore big boy underwear to school for the first time, and to celebrate him still being in his original pants, I told them we'd go get a cookie (which they have for free at the grocery store).  Normally, I don't take the kids with me, but I had my list and was determined to get in and out.

While cruising down the Manager's Special section, I noticed a basket of dvd's and with a quick glance, noticed there were some Word World dvds (which both kids love).  I grabbed 2 packs (that's 4 dvd's for $9.78!!) and stuffed them in with the bread figuring I could put them with Christmas stuff, or have them in the closet for when we needed something new and fun.  

When we got home, the washing machine man was waiting for us (somehow in the YEAR that we've owned this washer, it's turned into a rocket ship, or at least that's what it SOUNDS like), so the groceries got piled on the counter.  Strip was begging me to let her paint, but I had just said no because we didn't have much time and I needed to get all of the groceries put away.

"I'll help!" 

She grabbed a bag of groceries, looked in it and said, "All this stuff goes in the pantry.  I'll put it away."  A few minutes later, I hear,  "OOOOOOooooooHHHHHhhhhh." but just think that she's found the build-a-bear fruit snacks.  She then walks around the corner holding the 2 sets of dvd's.  Whoops.

"Are these for me?!?"

Yes, you and your brother, but I bought them for when you two have been super good or when you sleep in your bed all night, every night for a week.

"Ok.  I'll act surprised when you give them to me later.  But can I watch one now?!"

Ugh.  Trying to be sneaky and needing coffee do not mix.

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