Friday, October 30, 2009

It snowed!!

In Colorado.  And a little in Alaska.

But here?  It snowed leaves.  As I was shopping for my Christmas present Hubs was busting the rake getting the yard looking nice.  Two days later?  This:

See my feet?  They are there.  And just to prove I didn't stand in a pile, here's a pic of the yard....

Yeah.  We've got leaves.  Hubs casually mentioned how nice it would be if we could rake on Thursday because it was supposed to rain today (which it did) and he wanted to get them all up before they were soaked again.  Ha!  I went out, with the kids after Nugget's nap and couldn't find the rake, so I started to sweep off the deck.  Hubs came home on the ninth pass of the broom and said, "I got it."  

I ASSUMED he went to the garage to get the rake (which I SWEAR I couldn't find anywhere).

However, a couple of minutes later, I hear a motor roaring and the kids squealing with delight. 


When you have a leaf blower, who need a rake?

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