Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Insurance, how I love thee. Let me count the ways.

Oh, I don't.  That was easy.

I'm not sure what is more work, having health insurance or having home owners insurance.  With both, you pay a nominal fee to INSURE that you are taken care of IF you needed it.  Then, when you do need it, something is coded wrong, some paper didn't get filed correctly, or a date is mistyped (none of which you, the insured, had anything to do with). 

For example, when I was pregnant with Strip, I was doing a 24 hour.  This was the 87th time I'd done one while under our insurance provider's care.  I was pretty surprised when I got a EOB stating that my testing was not covered, and I owed around $300.  Maybe they only go up to 86 jugs of pee?  Not sure, so I called.  I gave all my numbers, SS, Hub's SS, maiden name, dob, dos, etc. and the customer service agent replies, "Oh yes, I see it right here.  I'm sorry Mrs. Mommychick, we don't cover that type of psychiatric testing."  Hmmmm.  I peed in a jug for 24 hours.  I didn't know that was psychiatric testing.  If so, my nephrologist has been lying to me for a while....if she really IS my nephrologist!  CS's response?  "Oopsie! Something must have been coded wrong!  Sorry about that!  Don't pay anything!"  


Anyway, our just-turned-a-year-old front-loader washing machine morphs into a rocket ship every time it hits the spin cycle, and because it's a day and a half over warranty, we had to call in for a home owner's claim.  The nice man came out and looked at it, declared it needed a complete overhaul and showed me what the bill would be.  I fell over.  Then I got up.  Then I told him I could probably pay for a new washer AND dryer for what it was going to cost to repair.  He agreed, but said we had to go through and submit the claim (which they denied) and see what the insurance company wanted to do with it.

Here is our washer:

With pedestal and just imagine the dryer which looks exactly like it, sitting to the right.

I was IN THE ROOM when the repair man listed the make/model/serial number of our washer.  So imagine my surprise when Scott, from claims, called me to say, "Great news!  We're offering to purchase you a new washing machine.  Here's the number for it.  Just go to the website and type in this number, make sure the dimensions work in the space you have, and give me a call back.  We'll order if for you!"

Great!  Scott, however, had beeped in while I was on the phone with Ma who was telling me about the Hobby Lobby they were getting, so when I clicked back over, we started talking about the next subject.  Meanwhile, the multi-tasker that I am, went ahead and looked up the washer so I could get the ball rolling and the rocket in the laundry room could blast off.

Ma:  Oh!  Ok, next thing.  I am officially finished shopping for your kids for Christmas!

Me:  Ha!  Can I get that in writing? (Papa and Ma can make Santa look like scrooge at Christmas).

Ma:  Ha, ha.  No really, but I want to tell you a couple of things, so the first is this...


Ma: kinda confused  ummm what....?!

Me:  Sorry, not you.  I've got to call you back.

Just as she was about to rail off her Christmas findings, I click to find my NEW washer:

Ummm.  It's white, and it's a front loader...but that's about all the two have in common.  I'm going to let Hubs handle this one.

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