Monday, October 5, 2009

Ballet Drama, Part II

Because I'm now chillin at the dance studio, I tried chatting it up with one of the moms (who does speak English).  She asked which one was mine, and I pointed Strip out.  She pointed  out a tiny blond as hers and my first thought was, "I wonder how old she is."  Strip is a jolly blond giant, so I forget what "normal" kids her age look like.  Mom asked me how old she was and I told her her birthdate.  She said her kiddo was GOING TO BE 4 the end of October.  Wow.  The majority of the kids in this class are already 4/turning 5, so I braced myself for the inevitable phrase, "She's just really advanced," which came out about 7 seconds later. 

Well this last week, something went down during the bean bag dance and the advanced kid CHUNKED her beanbag into the mirror and lost it.  The teacher handled it really well, but I was kind of curious what happened.  When we got in the car, I asked Strip if anything happened in class and she said no.  I told her I heard someone crying and asked what that was about.  

Strip:  Oh yeah.  They yellow haired kid?
Me:   Yeah, what was up with that?
Strip:  She threw her bean bag across the room really hard and hit the mirror.  Then she started yelling at the teacher and she had to sit in time out, but she got to do tap with us so it was fine.
Me:  Oh.  Hmm.  Why did she throw her bean bag across the room?
Strip:  I don't know.  I'm not her, how am I supposed to know why she does something?


My little thinker is also really annoyed with the song "Tomorrow" from Annie.  

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, Tomorrow!  Strip's thought:  That doesn't make any sense.  How can she love tomorrow, today?  She doesn't even know what is going to happen yet!

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