Monday, October 5, 2009

I was right.

It did get messy.

Our first stop ended up being Costco, because I needed a couple of things, and you can get lunch there for $1.49.  After our hot dog, Costco samples and getting our necessities,  I asked Nugget if he needed to go to the bathroom.  Yes!  And he was still dry!  Hooray!  After a sucessful trip to the public bathroom, the toilet wouldn't flush.  Awesome.  There happened to be a Costco employee in there who heard us attempting to flush and started screaming, "You have to hold it up for 5 seconds, then push in and down!"  After trying to flush for the 18th time, I pushed the kids and giant cart out of the bathroom and tried one more time.

Success!  Followed by a wooshing sound.  Followed by water pouring out of the toilet.  Awesome.  The employee was standing right there, and all I could think to say was, "I promise he just peed!"  So the first time out in big boy underwear and we flood the Costco ladies room.  Great!

We ran the rest of our errands, and I needed to stop by the library but didn't think to make him go before we left the mall.  Two minutes before we got to the library, I hear, "Oh!  I pee pee!"  Oh no.  "Did you pee pee, or do you need to pee pee?"  "I need to pee pee.  Mater's dry."  Awesome!  We'll be there before you can sing Wheels on the Bus.  Unfortunately, it takes very little to excited a 2 year-old, so when we rounded the corner and Nugget caught sight of the  library, I hear, "SUE!!!  LOOK!!  Lie-berry!  Look Sue!! Flag!!  SUE....uh ohhhhhh.  Mater wet.  Oh no Mater, oh no."

Sure enough, Mater was wet, so we just cranked the car and headed home to hose off.  Oh well!  It was a good try!

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