Friday, September 25, 2009

This could get ugly.

Or messy.  Or both.

Today, we had a stay at home day planned.  Then I remembered 6 errands I needed to run, so we've started our day.  Because the original plan for today involved NOTHING, I had Nugget all hyped up to wear big boy underwear  And now that we are going out and about, he's decided he wants to wear "queen pants," today (and that would be MCqueen, not girlie undies).

The first stop is the fabric store, which coincidentally is the first place Strip went diaper-free.  She was very successful her first trip out, so we'll see how Nugget does.  I have back up clothes packed, but it's also raining cats and dogs, so if we do have an oops, maybe people will thing he sat in a puddle?

Potty training is the best!

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