Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hating me when she's older is inevitable, right?

So dressing her thematically will just give her something else to talk about in therapy?

Oh good. Because I am.

I posted earlier and apparently lied when I said I probably would not make Strip a dress for our big movie date. I just couldn't help myself. I had a couple of kid free hours on Tuesday, so I took myself to browse fabric. I found some cute gingham and some red sparkly fabric, and some solid red to make the straps and lining. And a few hours later, I had this:

In the words of Strip, "AH TAH!"

These dresses are crazy-easy to whip out and it's almost silly NOT to make the reversible. So after gathering my supplies for the Dorothy-ish dress, I wandered around waiting to be inspired. It had to be something that would go with the red, and it just felt too early to make Christmas outfits. Then I stumbled upon some adorably retro apple and pear fabric, and wouldn't you know, Strip is going to pick apples tomorrow for school, so the flip side is...

Woo hoo! Happy apple picking in your apple-dorable dress!

And yeah, I think I've mastered this pattern and need to branch out to something else. Otherwise, she's going to have 18 versions of the same dress.

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Lindsay said...

Love those dresses! They are too cute! I might hire you out to make some cute fall/winter dresses for baby Melanie!