Monday, September 7, 2009

It's Fall, Y'all!

I knew it was coming because a couple of weeks ago, when I got home, our patriotic American flag had been replaced with our SEC house divided flag.  Because we live a few states away from our almae matres (that's plural for alma mater--I know, I looked it up), we have the problem of not being able to watch the games on our local stations.  We also have the problem of not feeling like we are at the game unless we are watching football at a tailgate.  Solution?  Read on.

Step one was to order the game package.  That was the easy part.  We love our neighbors and hang out with them most nights/weekends.  So a few weeks ago, we were discussing how awesome it would be to be able to broadcast the games on a big screen.  Then the boys went crazy.  The next thing neighbor chick and I know, we are the proud owners of an HD projector.  Great.  After collecting a few things from around both houses (cable, cable box, bose radio, and a step ladder), Hubs and neighbor hubs were ready to test their new toy.  We shot the projector on our inside wall and it looked great.  As I was leaving for work, the boys were discussing how the needed a tarp or something (Hubs was already looking into ordering a white tarp or screen to shoot it on, but they needed to test it out NOW).  I stupidly reminded him that our king sheets were white, and the spare set was in our closet.  Big.  Mistake.

I come home to find our king sized flat sheet NAILED (with 36 holes) to the side of the neighbor's screened in porch.   As I approach my taut linens, I look at Hubs and neighbor hubs (who look as proud as the day their first borns arrived), and say, "Seriously?!  Nails?!"  To which Hubs replied, "I know, but we wanted it to look good, and I told neighbor hubs if it was messed up, I could fill in the holes, no problem!"  No, my dear, I was not worried about the neighbor's porch.  I was kinda more concerned with our now perforated sheet.  

It does look pretty fantastic, though.  Here's a pic of Strip showing it off:

But that just wouldn't do.  I mean, it's big, but it could be bigger, right??  Of course right.
So we projected it on the side of our house.  It's like we are there.  As the two hubs' were taking in the beauty of our giant screen, the wives were getting ready to run to get milk and other necessities from the store.  So I come home from work to find my sheet nailed to the side of the house, and as we are leaving, I hear, "Well, it would be perfect if it weren't for that tree limb..." followed by, "Oh, that little guy?  I could cut that down no problem.  Go grab your clippers!"

I'm surprised they didn't just rip the cedar siding off the side of the house.  I'm sure they considered it, but instead, sometime this week, UPS will be delivering a 15 x 10 foot white tarp and the boys will be constructing  our new screen.  We are all pumped and enjoyed watching Saturday football on the side of the house.  The only problem is seeing food commercials that big.  Wow!

My only other issue with the big screen project (I mean aside from ruining a perfectly good sheet and changing the landscaping to accommodate) is the fact that my corner kitchen spinning cabinet:

is messed up and takes the force of a bull to actually spin around.  This little project has been moved to the bottom of the honey do list for the past 7 months.  But operation turn the side of the house into a movie theatre?  Mission accomplished in less than a week.  Gotta love men.

Side note, it is pretty awesome.  I'm not sure what was more fun, watching the game, or watching all the extra cars come through the neighborhood to looky-loo at us!  And we've already made big plans for joint family movie nights, halloween movie parties, slumber parties with the big screen, Super Bowl, the possibilities are endless!

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Lianne said...


My husband is a pretty stoic guy, but I honestly believe that this sight would bring him to tears.

Which SEC schools do y'all pull for?

p.s. My word verification was "malameat," which sounds like something you should eat while watching football on a huge sheet...with nail holes in it.