Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm so excited!!

And for some reason, I can't even say those words without thinking about THIS saved by the bell.

Anyway, it appears I'm behind the curve in a preschool rite of passage; going to a movie.  Some people take 2 year-olds to movies.  Honestly, the only way I would take my 2 year-old to a movie would be if my 4 year-old were DYING to see something.  Even then, I think I'd find a sitter.  So here Strip is, almost 4 1/2 having never seen a movie.  And because I've waited so long, I feel like it needs to be something awesome that she will always remember (yes, I'm probably over thinking it).  My other challenge is that she watches movies with a running dialogue.  "Mommy, did you see that?  Why did she do that?  What happened to her shoes?  She had earrings on in the cartoon, but now that she's a real person, she doesn't have earrings.  What happened to her earrings?  Who is that? Are they in love?  Are they going to get married?  Did you see that?  I have to go to the bathroom, can you pause it?"

Needless to say, I've been waiting for the opportunity to arise.  A few weeks ago, Hubs and I went to see Harry Potter at the IMAX theatre (yes, I'm a dork.  A 3d IMAX dork), and there was a preview for the ONE NIGHT ONLY RE-RELEASE OF THE WIZARD OF OZ!!!!!!! Perfect!!!  She's seen and loves the movie, she knows what's going to happen, so she won't be scared and it's a perfect, classic "first movie!"  I bought our tickets tonight, so we are on for a girls night!  I'm so excited, I'm tempted to whip up a Dorothy costume for her to wear... but I won't.  Because I can hear your voice, Ma.  "Don't sew another stitch until you make Nugget that matching outfit I sent you fabric for!"

And I say "another" because this weekend, I slapped together this reversible dress (great buddy who lives in Alaska (read limited shopping) is taking her kids to see Lion King next weekend and wanted something animal print for her 3 year-old that didn't look trashy, so I did a 2-for-1 Halloween and Lion King outfit....and I monogrammed it in hot pink, so she HAS to go get the hot pink fake uggs from Target to match.  You are welcome :-)  )

I can't wait!!  

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