Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ballet Drama

Strip has ballet one night a week.  I've been lucky that Hubs has been getting home early on those nights, so I don't have to take Nugget with me.  There is a large window where you can look in a watch the class, but I don't like to stand there where she can see me because I want her concentrating on the class.  So, I convinced myself to have a little "me" time and go to B&N to do a little reading.  I wandered down to the book store, found a book and a comfy chair, then have this overwhelming feeling that Strip was going to get kidnapped.  It's a dance studio, not a hospital or school, so really, anyone could just walk in and grab her.  

After trying to read for about 20 minutes (unsuccessfully), I went back to the studio and peeked in the window.  Strip is pretty easy to spot because she's one of 3 blondies in her class, but I didn't see her.  I peeked down to see if she was sitting on the wall putting on her tap shoes, but nope.  The door was cracked, so I peeked my head in the room to see if she was sitting in a blind spot.  Nope.  Scanned the room again, and nothing.  That's when I almost wet my pants.  I didn't want to run in the room screaming like an idiot so I glanced around the moms group.  The two I recognized are fluent in Russian, so that was a no-go.  I power walked up to the front desk to ask the volunteer where my baby was, but she was talking to a new mom out prices and class times, so I sprinted to the bathroom, where she was, happily washing her hands with the teacher's aid.

UGH!  I will now be visiting the library before ballet and never letting her out of my sight!

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