Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I think I'll start my own business.

Nugget needs practice with sitting and staying, so we headed up to the local bookstore for story hour.  And when they say hour, the mean hour.  And when I say bookstore, I mean a two-year-olds' personal hell.  All those books, toys AND a train table, and you want me to SIT?!?

Anyway, we'd been up there before and I discovered it was a great place to meet nannies.  No moms or dads were there, just kids and nannies.  The first time, it was really encouraging.  So many kids playing and loving care givers there wiping noses, holding hands, singing songs, etc.  Today?  Nanny hell.  Oh if the parents could have seen their kiddos today.  One nanny, very young with her booty hanging out of her jeans as she sat on the floor, was caring for twins who were VERY young.  It was almost frightening how incapable she was of handling these babies.  As a mom, I understand that we all have "those days," but at one point, she just passed Twin A over to another mom (yes, there was ONE more mom there) while she tended to Twin B.  Do people not watch Dateline?  SVU?  CSI?  I'm a people person, but people are crazy!  Don't hand a baby over to someone you don't know!!  I repeat, PEOPLE ARE CRAZY (and before you say, "Well she may have recognized her from being there before," she didn't.  She even flat out said, "Wow, he normally hates strangers!  I can't believe he went to you!").

Then when story time was over, two nannies sat at the train table (while the older (4 year-olds) kids wandered around the store) and bad mouthed parents, kids, discipline techniques, etc.  At one point, a tiny boy (11 ish months) started making an "EHH!" noise.  As I sit there and cooo along with him, the other nanny (not his)  leaned over and said, "EHH!  EHH!!  I can do that too.  I can make that noise, that's not special."  

Oh.  One of my other favorite lines was, "Are you a live in?"  "GOD no!  If I were a live in, I think I'd kill myself."  AWESOME! 

So  I think I'll start a nanny spy company.  Let me know where your nanny and child(ren) will be, and I'll casually drop in and see how things are going and what they are saying about you.  Nanny Spys.  When nanny cams just aren't enough.

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