Tuesday, November 10, 2009


It was just one of those days.  Everyone woke up a little cranky.  We (I) stumbled down stairs, waved goodbye to Daddy and started our day.  I reached in the fridge to get the milk and....whoops.  Sorry kids, Mommy needs that for her mocha.  Who wants juice for breakfast?  (fail one).

Next, I reach into the pantry for the oatmeal packets.  LARGE box filled with...air.  I thought I had scored because there were two, no wait, THREE packs in the bottom of the box.  But, when I pulled them out, into the light of the kitchen, there were two originals and only one apple cinnamon.  UGH.  So each kid got an original flavored with a 1/2 pack of apple cinnamon to which Strip replied, "The oatmeal tastes funny.  Well, not funny, just not good."  But, we DID have 2 full jars of vitamins, so maybe this day's looking up?

Shuffle everyone upstairs for showers, dried and dressed.  Shuffle everyone back downstairs, and CRAP!  Special Agent Oso's on?!  We're running late!  Double crap!  I need to pack 2 lunches!  I grab 2 (fresh from the dishwasher) thermos cups, fill with water/juice then retrieve lunch boxes from the closet.  On the way back, I hit the pantry.  Graham crackers...nope, empty box.  Craisins...nope, again an empty box.  Suddenly remember why I normally do grocery shopping on Sunday nights even if I can stretch meals through Tuesday.  UGH.  Now we're running late and my kids have no lunch.

LUCKILY, we pass 2 grocery stores on the way to school, so I have the grand idea of stopping in for 2 lunchables, or as I like to call them, a box of salt.  We pass the sucker station and Nugget starts begging.  "No, buddy!  We don't have time!"  And as we pass the Starbucks kiosk, he said, "Mommy?  You want coffee??" in hopes of getting a chocolate milk.  Nope!  In and out.  I then realize, because I've never actually purchased lunchables, I have no idea where in the store they are.  I assume they are near the bacon and I was right!!  AND they are on sale!  Woo hoo!   I grab 2, and turn to leave as Strip shouts, "COOL!  THey even have a Butterfinger!"  UGH!  Turn around.  She's in the class with the peanut allergy, so I quickly scan the shelf for the one with Skittles.  Score!  ANd when I scanned them, they were on even MORE of a sale!

We get there, and like every Tuesday, it's like herding cats.  Finally get in to school, deliver kids to their rooms, hug, kiss, goodbye, and welcome to a few hours of freedom.  Like a good mom, I checked the weather before we left and it was supposed to be in the mid-high 60's today with a slight chance of rain, so I just sent the kids without winter coats.  I cruise on home and curl up with the dog and Sunday's paper to plan meals for the next two weeks and clip coupons.  An hour later (after having mashed potatoes for breakfast), I walk outside to head the the grocery store when, WOOOSH! Cold burst of air hits me, and there's not a single drop of water in the sky.  My poor children have no coats, and they WILL be playing outside today.

Craptastic breakfast+no milk+horrible lunch+no coats+high of 55=horrible mother.

Good news?  Tomorrow is another day.  

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