Friday, November 13, 2009

Meet Nugget

Or as we like to call him, Goat Boy. This morning, as I was making them oatmeal, he asked for an apple. I washed one and told him he could have it after he finished his oats. After wolfing down his bowl, I gave him his apple. He's come a long way in the apple eating world. At first, he would get apple slices, chew them up, suck out the juice then spit apple pulp out all over the table. Lovely. Then he wanted to eat an apple like his Big Sis, but couldn't get them started. Now? He's good to go.

So I hand him his apple and tell him to eat it at his little table. I put dishes away from breakfast and go in the laundry room to change over clothes when I hear the pitter patter of footie pjs. Nugget walks in holding the apple stem which is attached to a TINY piece of apple. He looks at me, spits three seeds out and says, "Done!" I go to look for the core, and there is nothing on the table (and the dog is outside). I ask where the rest of his apple is and he holds up the stem. I ask again where the REST of the apple is and he opens his mouth wide and points.

He ate the ENTIRE apple. My child is a goat.

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