Thursday, April 22, 2010

Feeling like Noah

So the flood has made me go a little nuts. We saved important things (like Noah) and had all the wasted stuff washed away.

Actually, it hasn't been washed away. It's all sitting in the garage. But at any rate, it's made me think. The kids have lost 85% of their toys. They have a few special things in their rooms, a few things on the main floor, but most of their stuff was in the basement.

And they had a LOT of stuff. Since the splash, though, they've been playing with the same things. Strip has a few princesses, Nugget has a few cars and they both share art supplies. And they? Have been happy as larks. Strip told me today, "It's kind of nice having the basement all messed up. Know why? We don't have to clean it!"

Couldn't agree more. So we are in the process of re-doing the basement, but are covering the basics. Re-buying the stuff they love and keeping it simple.

And I? Am going crazy.

BAGS AND BAGS of clothes are piled up for the AmVets truck that's coming by. They aren't doing any good sitting in a closet, give 'em away! I have three bags of kids' clothes for two of Hub's co-workers and their new babies. I'm itching to sell my mom-mobile and downgrade to something smaller, and after our recent trip to Chicago, I really want to sell our house and buy a 600 sqft condo in the city.

I think the flood is coinciding with my nervous breakdown/realization that we will forever just be a family of four, and I'm feeling the need to clear out the clutter.

Oh, and by the way. We are a couple of hundred dollars away from the swing set! Can you say, "woo hoo?!?"

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