Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Steps forward and steps back

Zoe's been here 3 nights now and it feels like three years. She's just slipped into our lives so easily it's hard to believe we just got her.

The kids are having a blast with her. They LOVE playing fetch with her, although Nugget likes to play along; he'll throw the ball while triumphantly exclaiming, "Now goooo get it!!!!" but then runs after the ball himself (Zoe always wins). Strip drew a picture of Zoe and took it in for show and tell, and yesterday, the preschool office staff got to meet her. She did really well and didn't pee on them! Yay Zoe! The kids were hanging in the front office because I got caught up at the vet and they were asking about the new dog. Nugget told them, "Er name is Zoe. She is orlange and brown spotted." I'm sure they were wondering what the heck kind of freaky Dalmatian we had adopted. As we were standing there chatting about her, three little kids came over to pet her and she did beautifully! You'd think she'd been around kids her whole life!

The vet was as great as ever. He was so sweet! We chatted about June then he looked over Zoe. I was there for an HOUR AND A HALF and most of it was just chatting about all things Zoe. LOVE my vet. I'd take my kids there if he'd let me. On a side note, did you know that the well-child check-up of a free, healthy dog cost 50% of the cost to do diagnostic testing, labs, ultrasounds, mri's, euthanization and cremation of a dog with cancer? I'm looking into pet insurance as I type. AND, the vet JUST CALLED to say all of her lab work came back perfect! AND she's eating and drinking like a normal pup! Hooray for Zoe!

So steps back? Today, the kids were playing outside with Zoe when Nugget came in, walking funny.


Me: Did you poop in your pants?!
Nugget: Umm. Yeeeessss.
Me: UGH! WHY did you poop in your pants?!?!
Nugget: Zoe poop out schide in the yard. I poop out schide in the yard.

Awesome. Nugget has gone from potty trained to housebroken.

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