Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pity Party Road Trip II

***This is my t-shirt design. Steal it, and I'll hunt you down. That is all.****

Last time, I packed up my pity party, it was because my dog died and I went to visit my friend whose husband is in a coma. This time? Oh! My basement flooded! Boo hooo! Pity party packed, I headed to Nashville to visit my friend. She's 29 and just gave birth to her second (BEAUTIFUL!) baby girl. She was induced 2 weeks early because of a breast cancer diagnosis.

Yeah. I'll take the flooded basement any day.

I arrived 3 weeks postpartum. Her due date was her double mastectomy surgery date, and her maternity leave has now been inundated with doctors appointments, wig selections and chemotherapy schedules.

On 2 selfish notes, I was thrilled to get alone time with one of my best buds! AND I was going to get 100% snuggle time with a newborn. Word on the street was she had reflux, so I was keeping my fingers crossed that she would make me 100% glad that my "baby" was 3. WRONG! She was adorable and wonderful (thank you new formula) but I still got to have her all to myself every night I was there.

My buddy, G's, family is amazing. I was also super excited to get to see her parents and her sweet "baby" who is now 7. We had a good few days of laundry, cleaning, hugging, consoling and laughing. I stalled as long as I could today, but finally headed back to my family.

5 hours in the car.

Alternating belting out the soundtrack to Wicked and sobbing.

I cried for everyone. For G having to go through this (which sucks on it's own, but right after having a baby? Double suck!). For the new baby who probably saved G's life. If it weren't for the pregnancy, maybe they wouldn't have found the cancer so quickly. For her sweet first born who love, love LOVES her momma more than anything. For her husband who just lost his father a year + ago to pancreatic cancer. Who has to go through a cancer fight with TWO of their loved ones so close together? For her parents. OH for her parents. Her mother is looking at a time capsule, because this is the exact cancer she and her sister beat (woo to the hoo!) 26+ years ago, but still. Really? G starts her battle after giving birth to her second daughter and her mother did the same a couple of decades prior? And her father, knowing he went through all of this with his wife and two young girls years ago, only to have to go through it again now with his own daughter and his grandbabies.

Not that I would wish cancer on anyone, but this family rocks. Hard core. They are so committed to each other, and I have no doubt that we will be celebrating remission soon. I am so glad I got to go hug my friend in person before her summer of chemo begins.

And on a "yeah, we're insane note," we had a pass the wig party today before we left. G had already shown me her wig which looks VERY much like the hair she has now (I was really hoping for pink). Before I left, she was showing it to her older daughter and tried it on. She looked like her awesome self. Then she asked if her daughter wanted to try it on, which what little girl wouldn't?! Little bit looked like a mini hannah montana rock star! Then Grandpa tried it on, and he looked like an 80's big hair band leader.

My turn!

I looked like a transvestite. Note to self, do NOT go long and brunette. NOT a good look for me. At all.

So if you're the praying type, please add this family to your list. And if you're not the praying type, email me and we'll chat. And regardless, give your boobs (or the set closest to you) a squeeze for good measure. It could save a life.

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Anonymous said...

This is the 3rd time I've read this in the last few hours. Well said, friend. Prayers will continue.